Baby Care: How to tease your baby? 3 ways of scientific health

Baby smiles happily, not only cute but also very good for your baby’s health. Therefore, Bao Dabao can make a lot of teasing and let the baby smile. Of course, there are a lot of ways to make your baby laugh. Does Bao Dabao know what to do? Experts remind everyone that we must adopt a scientific approach. Today, Xiaobian introduces three methods to everyone for reference.

1, innocent and exaggerated action, the more exaggerated facial expressions are better

Babys like other people’s attention if you make faces to him No matter how silly the face is, he will not resist. This is why many parents have to work hard to learn how to make faces after the baby is born. Sometimes even sneezing may make your baby laugh.

2, songs and music

Baby loves songs and music, and if music becomes part of their life they will like it more. Babys love to watch, listen and do one thing. If you can laugh at the rhythm of music and have fun with him, he will soon be able to imitate this behavior.

3, “Hide the cat”

Take your baby’s favorite quilt, or hide it behind the furniture, then probe it out and then put yourself Hide it and repeat it. In this way you can see many baby smiles.