Atrium Health suspected of abducting human health workers # 39; a

Atrium Health suspected of abducting human health workers # 39; a

A former group of Atrium health professionals have used the system, and they have been tricked by tens of thousands of people from debt subsidies and have been forced to pay additional services provided through the network. and the health care system he established.

The case was filed on Monday at the U.S. Supreme Court. in Charlotte, N.C., through the five Atmospheric Employees who are seeking to receive funding for the current and subsequent operations. The budget failed to save the remaining money in the project and dropped $ 379 million last year, according to the case.

The court also claims that Atrium's "most … paid health care services provided through a MedCost network than the plan would be paid under other care centers such as the Blue Shield Blue Shield North Carolina. "

MedCost is Atrium and N.C. Baptist Association, Winston Salem, N.C.

In 2009, some N.C. Baptists arrive at a hospital on a contract with MedCost, claiming that a loan paid by the Baptist has been paid to his employees.

Atrium operates more than 65,000 people in three states. Atrium states that Atrium has misled those who work by implementing the ERISA laws, which require investors to deposit a small sum of money to cover revenue. Atrium did this by saying that he had a government agency, according to the ruling.

"Clearly, Atrium's health was not a governmental influence," said Karen Handorf, a partner in Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, a company that represented the company. "Atrium is a healthier health worker, trying to escape and financing to expand his work rather than doing it."

An Atrium spokesman said the system was investigating the case.

This is the second time in less than one week when Atrium reports on legal issues. On November 15, the US Consulate General said he had reconciled with Atrium that would prevent the use of restriction on contracts between contractors and healthcare providers.

The planned plan, approved by the court, also suspended Atrium from seeking a contracts or doing anything that would prevent or lead future investigators. Focus is the system used by insurers to direct patients to other health services.

Atrium released a statement that the language was not addressed from a contract created as it was done in 2001 and was added to "ensure Atrium's health has been given an opportunity to compete with the patients. " Atrium said his contract with vendors had originally since then been able to do so at the moment. He also noted that reconciliation was not a crime, and no payment was required or paid.