Athenahealth sold to Veritas Capital for $ 5.7 billion

Athenahealth sold to Veritas Capital for $ 5.7 billion

Athenahealth agreed that Veritas Capital and Evergreen Coast Capital would earn 5.7 billion dollars, companies announced on Monday.

Athenahealth will continue to be its own, but Veritas and Evergreen will combine it with the Health Laboratory, a study and software company known as the GE Healthcare Center, which was launched in early 2018.

President Vijayyar and Bob Segert will lead the company he meets.

"Coincidence with color will create a new opportunity for unity and development," said the chairman of Athenahe Jeff Immelt in a statement.

Athenahealth has been experiencing a struggle since 2017, when Elliott Management began its efforts to buy the company. Elliott Management supports Veritas-Evergreen's purchase. That's also an example "that is important, important to the results of the users of Athenahealth," said Elliott, Jesse Cohn, in a statement.

Athenahealth will hold information obtained later Monday. In the third quarter of March, the company reported that the trade was financed compared to this year's 2017. The quarterly report reached $ 329.5 billion on new accounts. the company with 331.4 million US dollars in the former position, 9% a year earlier.