Athenahealth sells major data EHR consolidation trend

Athenahealth sells major data EHR consolidation trend

Consistent with the increase in electronic health data, software vendors like Athenahealth are facing pressure to encourage and seek new ways to get revenue and growth.

Many health organizations already have EHR, and their vendors can not grow from new ways. He also wrote yearly tax documents for others. Since Athenahealth started reporting quarterly, reports have been reported that the annual business venture. And in the second half of the year, your mobile phones have a dip-32% business.

"Now there is a problem that will continue to continue to succeed," said John Kelly, the leading trademark of Edifecs. "The way to do this is to encourage."

Athenahealth is now the last resort to handle this problem. On Monday, two private companies announced that they had set up a purchase of 5.7 billion US dollars. Veritas Capital and Elliott Management Evergreen Coast Capital will combine Athenahealth with Virence Health Technologies, a former GE Healthcare company.

Unlike other leading EHR vendors, Athenahealth accused customers of a higher amount of money than the price set. The company also has a leading guide in the cloud, offering software products while some vendors focus primarily on the server, EHRs. Now, most of the programming organizations are currently meeting whether they are just paying their data, according to KLAS research.


Some have done much to compete in the EHR market, especially for producers. In 2017, Athenahealth had only 2.1% of clinical hospital in the United States, as KLAS did, while Epic had 26.7% and Cerner had 24.8%.

"Athenahealth's job is a sales broker and is not strong in the market," Kelly said. "Maybe they were if Jonathan (Bush) sat down."

Bush left the company in June following a report on abducted violence and was informed that Bush had assaulted his wife during their marriage.

Bush also faced a challenging business challenge. "He could build companies as disruptive because he has a positive attitude," said Michael Burger, consultant at Point of Care Partners. "But at times, companies are growing and need to work as a company, rather than resist a small business." The company has supported Jonathan's leader. "

Some worry that the free gift of Athenahealth gift and influence on experts will not be able to survive this agreement.

"I'm worried about the impact this would have on the violence," said David Muntz, a health consultant and former deputy governor of the Office of the Healthcare Committee.

But the Athenahealth sign, at this time, is still strong.

Believe without any challenge. When companies meet, it is not necessary to connect to their site at the same time, according to the Burger Rating & # 39; So, companies are watching over many platforms. Textual words, for example, take care of the difference between Sharing Background and McKesson after completion of the purchase.

"It's not easy to buy customers to one place or another platform," Burger said. "You'll think that's going to be a move to Athenahealth, because GE has a good old age," he said. But according to what happened to the certificates and other consumers, no, he said.

EHR vendors for various companies may be struggling. One year after Cerner received Siemens Health Services, for example, 87% of Siemens & EHR users said they were planning to leave the platform, according to KLAS.

There is a subject for connection databases. "The aim is to focus on how to collect information from all relevant sources and to use it as you look at patients, payers and providers," Muntz said. "The challenge is how to deal with the information and how to improve the efficiency of providers and payers."