At the Department of Providence St. Joseph has earned the blockchain revenue earnings

At the Department of Providence St. Joseph has earned the blockchain revenue earnings

Providence St. Joseph Health has purchased revenue-generating firms in a blockchain, purchasing it and hopes he will help him carry out the services.

The Company's Business Market, Wash.-based-based health care system hopes Lumedic will make the most often systematic system of receipt, analysis and distribution of the most effective claims and charges. Exercise revenue and revenues include more than $ 500 billion in US health in 2018 alone, according to a McKinsey & Company study.

"New technologies like blockchain, pharmacy and engineering give us an opportunity to look at current health issues through different strategies," said Venkat Bhamidipati, Providence St. Joseph.

Hospitals and hospitals 51 of Providence St. Joseph's health plan is to plan a new company that will handle Lotoic Lines and operating systems. They plan to find some friendships with providers, insurers and stakeholders in the industry.

Blockchain is aging through financial institutions while paying a bank and also a bankruptcy bank. It keeps its promise of storage and transmission of data through a medium medium, where no one can compete with the text. Ideally, the connection as well as a single network may allow service providers to reduce the decline in compliance with the accuracy of the accuracy and accuracy. This can minimize the value of care and facilitate the distribution of payers, providers and patients, Lustic CEO Lincoln Popp, which tells healthier health.

"If we can get good communication and share information between suppliers and providers, it can take a long time to make a better effort," he said.

While looking at permission, a clinician will disagree with the information on the web site, find the required medical consent and hope it has a date. The use of a blockchain can update the facilitator guide completely at the moment rather than memory or update files or databases. Additionally, access to information before permissions may be given to many users, Popp said. In addition, the important security distribution of data, duplicate and blockchain technologies are very modern and modern technology, using these systems hard to hack and so easy to trust, appears.

Lumedic uses a good contract translated into a number. If providers and payers may agree on specific terms, they can control the payment process. It will eliminate any faxing, phone call or other user guide to retrieve information from different locations. Each changes are observed and maintained so jams can view any modifications.

The end of the year of steady increase in revenue and scripts and points aims to bring about the rapid performance, Popp said.

"We are trying to change the system more importantly by improving relationships between the subscribers and the providers," he said.

The blockchain technology application is extensive. The biggest challenge is at the end of the business, Popp said.

"Getting donors and providers what they want to monitor and opt out of process-this is the challenge of trade," he said. "Hopefully you will find a great deal of suppliers and payers to work together to improve the relationship between the two parties so that you can borrow from this process."

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