Association of Updates

Association of Updates

In the minutes before yoga in the last few weeks, I saw Shana's friend enter the room. Fortunately to see her, I jumped fast and I heard POP on my leg.

Not good.

But because I can be hardhearted
and I was careful, I decided to stay.

It's not so.

You can do it.

Come to Robyn, it's hard. You have this.

Once half of the Warrior 2 attempt, it becomes clean and I'll need to go.

Tail tucked between legs,
I arrested my wife and my hobbled from class.

Tim, my God of the Psychologist, investigated the disease on the next day (the old gastrocnemius plant) and placed me with a few weeks of PT value.

It's wrong as I'm scared,
but it takes time to heal.

Give extra time in my hand,
I did what I was always doing – search and launch and ultimately, look for

Lesson is a lesson
one. I was overwhelmed. Jakina sent messages of warning in those days
before POP, but I forgot them.


Because like many women
There, I'm feeling awkward enough.

You should be stronger.

You should be sad.

You should work hard.

MORE yoga. MORE TRANSPORT. MORE boat. MORE nothing.

After a few days, I read this
post by Seth Godin.

How big is the hole you can not afford?

It's all right?

All bad habits (some of the good ones) have filled this pit, or to protect it from sight.

And if our work is to fill the pit, and if the hole is unreadable (and after that time, if it is not yet completed, then with this) it does not matter how small or minor or misunderstanding is a hole.

He is still sending us.

The first step in living with her is to prove it.

You can not eliminate it.

But you can learn to dance with it.

No number of meters taken on a single generation or FitBit measurements or lost pounds will reach the known destination status. Being "sufficient" is a pit that I can not afford. For you it can be enjoyable or healthy or whole or visual. An unhealthy mound will be a concern for you or the loss of a loved one.

What I like about Seth Godin's post is the line, "you can not eliminate it." He is trying to eliminate him who is often our problem, then? All the chocolates and wine that Prozac and Marathons and Netflix are drawing on earth can not accomplish anything.

We can not eliminate it, but we can accept it. We can strengthen our compassionate power. We can improve pride. We can learn from error, to forgive ourselves as a human, and to keep our senses longer than ever before.

The tunnel remains, but the dance can be a winner.

💙 Robyn

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