Ascension and Aetna include alliance

Ascension and Aetna include alliance

The recent uprising of CVS Health-Aetna is part of a series of games, with five health professionals in the technology industry.

With the other members of the Synaptic Health Alliance-Humana, Multiplan, The UnitedHealthcare and Quest Diagnostics Association – will try to find out how to use the blockchain to improve the quality of the data and the lower subscription.

In particular, they aimed to use the blockchain, a freelance distributor from the design engineers, to explain the details of the details.

The problem is usually, according to Synaptic. At present, sellers are keeping track of their own suppliers' inventories – anonymous sales, sellers and donors offering about $ 2.1 billion a year to keep up the data, the organization said. . If directories are not preserved, responses may be delayed and sellers may be affected by CMS. Contributors can also be harmed and, as they can be incorporated correctly as a network for other programs. This affects patients, they should rely on the wrong information.

It's wrong to mistake. More than half of the management centers listed in the 64 Specialist Medicare Associations Programs & # 39; online directories have errors, based on CMS diagnosis between September 2016 and August 2017.

If health organizations allow access to blockchain databases, they can help solve the problem-and save money, according to Synaptic. The organization agrees that the blockchain is used specifically because it is clear that changes to the information are coming to all documents near real-time timelines that can reduce the cost of operating, said Lidia Fonseca, senior officer & # 39; in quest diagnostics.

Blockchain can ease the burden of the designers, says Gerry Lewis, Senior Press Secretary of Ascension, who said that a donor was donated to a small group by a small group of companies and the methods used by the company. them in multidisciplinary.

"We believe that this partnership has a market market and a contribution to change the way we exchange information to provide health," Lewis said. "Donors, subscribers and users-you need to get all three to view this."

Aetna has about 22 million people, and the Ascension is the most commonly used anti-health system in the United States.

From below, Lewis hopes all the team will look at how the blockchain can be used to distribute clinical information. But now, he said, "we were at one step one of the sure walk 300-step."