Apple Steel Cut Mudan + + Video Video

Apple Steel Cut Mudan + + Video Video

Good friends! Today we share a new video that is part of the video series we are working on, where I will be on a diet day, as well as little tricks, ideas, and stimulants around the kitchen. We are always happy with the public day schedule (which is why we have a series of interviews), and we like to appreciate how they continue each day, so we think it will enjoy a similar movie. Today's video has a small amount of rubbish for cut-pieces, as well as ideas for lunch, hot chocolate, dinner, and the end of the treatment day. All food items mentioned in the video are subject to a reduction. Find us what you think!

Since I've found a small goat, I was unable to go back to a cut fruit for the purpose of porridge. They seem so much sad and unconscious, compared to al dente, beautiful and beautiful. The only thing to put a small oven in an oven that does not work is to take time to cook – 30 minutes or minutes, which is a busy time for the morning. Thank you, there is short! She is involved with a small amount of late-night fruit and leave her to sit overnight and hit the bread pie, dream dreams of the morning. In the autumn, I would like to have apple, but the taste and taste of the flavor is totally unfinished.

Here is all the other foods on the video:

Nettle boots – full of vitamins and minerals, very good for hair, nails, and skin, and really love flavor, too.

Harissa – is a powerful force, northern Africa can really take food from another level.

Our Plant-Based Food Plan – is the latest food package we've posted, but you can also see our entire food plan.

Green Beetroot Green – This is too high, miscarried porridge (using hares!)

Tahin Hot Shoko – I drink this drink every day I work in the home. It's a very good thing, full of healthy subjects, too.

Red Lentil Stew – This Ottolenghi dish is tough and flavoring. We also have a step by step, the red brown bread that is stored in our Instagram lookout.

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Its contents

  • ¼ cup beefed fruit
  • salt pinch
  • a few shake the coconut, or taste
  • 1½ cups of water
  • 1 apple
  • Lemon juice (choose)
  • 2 tablespoons sugar (optional)
  • milk selection – refill (choose)
  • a bit of heart or other nuts or other seed – sprinkled on the surface
  • almond butter – for decorating


  1. Before midnight you do not want breakfast for breakfast at breakfast, add a small dose of oil, salt, cinnamon, and potassium pots. Put the clothes in high heat and boiling. Mix heat as soon as the owner starts boiling. Pour out the banana to sit on the stove, covered, until the morning. In the morning, the fruit is cooked and cooked.
  2. In the following morning, split your cutter into the middle and the base. Cut half the apple into the pot. Post it or part of the other apple juice, to cover the porridge. Optional, add canned apple / lemon accounts with some pressure and coconut sugar for the surface.
  3. Fresh repairs with a thick apple with moderate heat, which is constantly blended. If the owner appears to be water, boil for 5 minutes, and it is increasing. On the other hand, if you would like the juice to be delicious, bring it back to the constellation of vegetable or water regularly. Serve, chopped apple, pink heart or other nut / cereal, and almond butter.


This recipe is very reasonable: use fruit or berry fruit using apple, add powdered oak and chocolate dough, flavored carcasses … chances are endless!


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