Anti-tumor Chinese herbal medicine

Anti-tumor Chinese herbal medicine

[Alias] Huangzizi, Shanzhizi, Dahongyu

Born on hillsides and roadsides, cultivated in most parts of the country. Distributed in the south central part of China.

[Collection] Harvested when the fruit matures in red and yellow from September to November. Remove the fruit stems and impurities, steam to the steam or put the boiling water slightly hot, remove and dry. Herbs are mainly produced in Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang, Sichuan, and Hubei.

[Pharmaceutical properties] The fruit is long oval or elliptical, 1.5~3.5cm long and 1~1.5cm in diameter. The surface is reddish-yellow or reddish-brown, with 6 wing-like longitudinal edges, often with a distinct longitudinal vein pattern and branches. Residual bracts at the top, slightly basally apically, with residual fruit stalks. The peel is thin and brittle, slightly shiny; the inner surface is light and shiny, with a false diaphragm of 2 to 3 blasts. Seeds mostly, flat ovoid, gathered into a group, deep red or reddish yellow. The gas is slight, the taste is slightly sour and bitter.

[Sexual taste effect] Sexual cold, bitter taste. It can eliminate irritability, clearing heat and diuresis, cooling blood and detoxification.

[Clinical application] It is used in patients with liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, cholangiocarcinoma and cancer. It is often used in the same way as rhubarb, capillaris, Polygonum cuspidatum and Hedyotis diffusa. Daily use of 6 ~ 9g; appropriate amount of external use of raw materials, research and application.

[Prescription for Prescription]

  1. Dangshen 30g, Astragalus 40g, Agrimony 30g, Rhubarb Charcoal, Hazelnut Charcoal 15g of palm charcoal, 20g of Eclipta prostrata, 2g of artificial bezoar, 4g of antelope horn, 15g of peony bark, 20g of dandelion and celery. For advanced liver cancer with gastrointestinal bleeding, stage II hepatic encephalopathy.

  2. Hazelnut 9g, gentian 6g, astragalus, berberine 3g, capillaris 15g, rehmannia root 12g, Bupleurum 12g, salvia miltiorrhiza 12g, rhubarb 9g, dandelion 15g, Hedyotis diffusa 30g, earthworm 30g, coix seed 30g, wolfberry 12g, turmeric 12g. For advanced pancreatic cancer.

anti-tumor herbal medicine