Anti-cancer story | Hope for survival of lung cancer patients!

Anti-cancer story | Hope for survival of lung cancer patients!

My Profile

Anti-cancer story|Looking for the survival of lung cancer patients!

I was born in a military family, grew up in the army compound, I was full of passion when I was young. I will try everything new, so that I became proficient in various sports and learned to cook a variety of delicacies. Everything about joining the army and going to college is based on the road my parents planned for me. After graduating from college, I decided to go to start a business despite the opposition of my parents. The business failed. I spent a few years working outside and returned the money I borrowed from my original business. When I returned to my hometown and opened a restaurant with my daughter-in-law, the business became more and more prosperous. The restaurant gradually formed a scale, and we opened three branches in our province. I am happy that I was curious about new things, otherwise I would not have this cooking. However, now that my career is good and I have children, the good days have just begun, but I have fallen.

My condition prospects

Anti-cancer story|The hope of survival for lung cancer patients!

I often have chest pain, always thought it was heart disease, and it hurts to eat some heart. The medicine has come over for several years. When I started my business, I developed a habit of at least 1-2 packs of cigarettes a day. Later, when I opened a restaurant, I didn’t leave my hands every day, and I had to breathe a lot of fumes every day.

My condition is diagnosed

Anti-cancer story | Hope for survival of lung cancer patients!

In the Spring Festival of 2015, I took the whole family to the capital to play, the Forbidden City, the old Beijing Hutong, the Badaling Great Wall, Shichahai, the Summer Palace, and the Shuanglong Gorge. When I come back from the Spring Festival, my chest hurts every day, and it lasts for a long time. By the end of March, the pain in the chest was unbearable. I went to the hospital for a CT examination and found that it was a late stage of lung adenocarcinoma. I am in the hospital myself. The diary of that day recorded: Today is the most painful day of my life. I hope that this is a joke between God and me. I have experienced the ups and downs of life, sour and bitter, I thought that a good day started, but I got this disease. When I was watching the video with the kids at night, I didn’t think much about it. I just refused to cry. I laughed. He laughed too… I firmly believe that I can pass this, I want to live, I want to watch. My baby, my wife and I have children, I have to work hard to be filial, because I owe too much to my parents in this life, I want to live, I want my wife to be happy, she paid too much for me, but once I But rarely accompany her.

I am fighting the disease

Anti-cancer story| Hope for survival of lung cancer patients!

Through chemotherapy twice, take targeted The drug was ineffective in January, the tumor continued to increase, and there were many blood clots. I am not afraid of these. I still believe that I will live. I am a poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. On April 1st, PET-CT showed: soft tissue mass in the anterior segment of the right upper lung, consistent with lung cancer, invasion of adjacent mediastinum; suspected lymph node metastasis, pleural metastasis; a small amount of pleural effusion on the right side. On April 8 and May 2, two PC regimens (pemetrexed + cisplatin) were performed. On May 8th, neck swelling, chest tightness and shortness of breath were aggravated. On May 11th, oral targeted drugs were started. On May 13th, chest CT showed an increase in right upper lung mass, and a large amount of pleural effusion and pericardium on the right side. Fluid, suspected left lung metastasis. One week after oral administration of the targeted drug, there was a small red rash on the face and anterior chest radiograph, and no itching. On May 20, a chest CT scan showed that the right lung mass increased earlier, the superior vena cava was significantly stressed, and the right pleural effusion. The right chest was pumped and about 2300 ml of concentrated tea-like liquid was withdrawn. I search online every day for successful examples related to my condition, and I will communicate with other patients. I don’t believe I will go to see the prince, I only believe that I will live forever. I was recommended by other patients to take Qingfei Sanjie Pills. With the mentality of trying, I bought 20 boxes for the first time. After taking them for 2 months, the symptoms of chest tightness and shortness of breath are obviously relieved, and the pleural effusion is reduced. At the same time, I will follow the doctor’s advice every day. Some small sports, I believe, only if I am strong, the disease will be small. I continued to purchase a large course of treatment for Qingfei Sanjie Pills (60 boxes). After taking the symptoms, the symptoms of chest pain disappeared. After CT examination, the tumors were significantly reduced and the pleural effusion was basically disappeared. After the doctor’s advice, continue to buy 30 boxes to consolidate the effect, taking it to this day. I always believe in one sentence: life lies in sports. Every day I will insist on simple recovery training. I feel that every breath is earned now. I learned to look for hope from despair, and hope that the little bit of sparks!

This story is dictated by the patient and refused to be reproduced