Anti-cancer is about to control your mouth. Low-fat diet helps breast cancer.

Anti-cancer is about to control your mouth. Low-fat diet helps breast cancer.

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Effects of low-fat diet on breast cancer: To determine the impact of the low-fat diet model on breast cancer, a medical trial by the Los Angeles Institute of Biomedical Research and colleagues from the Women’s Health Initiative conducted a randomized clinical trial to follow-up analysis of 48835 postmenopausal women.

Anti-cancer will control your mouth low-fat diet boost Breast cancer

These women are 50-79 years old, have no breast cancer beforehand, have normal mammograms and normal fat intake. Among them, 19,541 women were placed in a low-fat diet with a group led by nutritionists, fat intake reduced energy by 20%, increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables and grains. Another 29,294 women followed their usual diet.

After about 8 years of low-fat diet, 1767 women were diagnosed with breast cancer. The researchers found that the overall survival of breast cancer after diagnosis in the diet group was high: 82% vs 78%. The researchers say the reduction is due in part to a better survival rate after breast cancer diagnosis.

This is the first time we have reviewed the deaths from this group of breast cancers. We have found that a sustained low-fat diet increases the survival rate of postmenopausal women with breast cancer after diagnosis.” Studies have also shown that women need to maintain a low-fat diet to maintain the benefits of dietary intervention.”

The researchers also reported that most breast cancer characteristics, including size, lymph node status, and poor prognosis The distribution, triple-negative cancer, and HER2-positive cancer were similar in both groups of women. However, there were fewer progesterone receptor-negative tumors in the diet group (28.4% vs 33%). In addition, the researchers also noted that there is still a lower mortality rate for cardiovascular disease in the diet group.

Low-fat diet can prolong the survival of breast cancer patients

A low-fat diet and avoidance of obesity can prolong the survival of breast cancer patients. Therefore, paying attention to a reasonable diet has important practical significance for preventing breast cancer.

Anti-cancer will control the mouth low-fat diet boost Breast cancer

1. Make a reasonable diet.

Different foods contain different types and amounts of nutrients. The variety of foods should be diversified as much as possible. The combination of vegetarian and vegetarian products can ensure adequate nutrition, while avoiding excess heat and controlling fat, especially controlling the intake of animal fat.

In general, fat provides 20% to 25% of total calories. High-fat foods such as fat, butter, and duck meat can cause excessive calorie intake and cause obesity. Obesity is a risk factor for breast cancer, so it should be controlled. At the same time, proper physical activity and physical exercise can be carried out to enhance physical fitness, calories and help to lose weight.

2. Proper consumption of foods with anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects

Epidinological surveys show that eating more soy products can reduce the probability of breast cancer. Soy products such as tofu and dried bean curd are rich in high-quality protein, unsaturated fatty acid and inorganic salt.

Some experts pointed out that if a day’s intake of soy products accounts for 2% to 4% of the total food, it will protect the health of the body. Eating 1 to 3 boxes of tofu per month reduces the risk of breast cancer by 50%. You should also eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

3. Some low-fat foods

Winter melon: It has the effect of diuresis, which can drain water and lose weight. If you eat melon regularly, you can change the starch and sugar in the food to prevent it from turning into fat. In addition, melon is rich in vitamins and contains low calories.

Cucumber: Contains the internal alcohol diacid, which can inhibit the conversion of sugar food into fat. Cucumber is also rich in cellulose, which can strengthen gastrointestinal motility, smooth stool, and calorie content. low.

Loofah: The saponins and mucus contained in the loofah are good for smooth stools and low in calories. In addition, loofah is also rich in vitamins B1, B2, A, C and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Anti-cancer is going to keep your mouth low Fat Diet Helps Breast Cancer

White Radish: Contains mustard oil and amylase to help digestion and metabolism of fatty foods and prevent accumulation of subcutaneous fat. White radish also has the effect of ventilating and promoting defecation.

Seaweed: high fiber content, low fat content, easy to produce satiety, as well as heat and diuretic function.

Amaranth: It is rich in fiber, can clear the stool, and excrete too much protein and fat in the intestine to prevent accumulation of fat in the body.

Kelquat: Contains a lot of fiber and inorganic elements (especially potassium is very rich), with laxative and diuretic functions.

Mung bean sprouts: The water content is high, the heat is very small, it is not easy to form fat, and it also has the function of diuretic.

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