Anti-cancer and anti-cancer research of bitter gourd

Anti-cancer and anti-cancer research of bitter gourd

Bitter gourd

Sexual taste: bitter, cold, non-toxic. The old melon is red and sweet.

Return to the intestines: into the intestines and stomach.

Efficacy: clearing heat and reducing heat, clearing eyes and detoxifying, can cure heat stroke, dysentery and pink eye.

Indications: stomach heat pain, damp heat dysentery, vomiting diarrhea, hematuria.

《》: “Xieliujingjing fire, clear summer, benefit Qi, quench thirst.”

“Quanzhou Materia Medica”: “Indications of fever and thirst , hot and cold, with heatstroke.”

Modern Research

1. Japanese medical scientists have proved that the bitter gourd protein contained in bitter gourd is very effective in preventing and treating cancer. Bitter melon protein can improve the body’s immune function and promote immune cells to eliminate cancer cells. Studies have shown that certain bitter foods are an important source of vitamin B17, and they do not cause damage to normal human cells, but they can produce strong lethal effects on cancer cells.

3. Scientists at Kansas State University on the bitter gourd can “eat” poisonous and abnormal cells and carcinogens in the human body. The observation results show that bitter gourd protein can effectively inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells and kill cancer cells, and prolong the survival of these mice.

Wisdom of Diet


Bitter melon Tea

Preparation method: Use 10 to 15 grams of dried bitter gourd slices, grind it into coarse powder, and put it into a thermos flask, and brew it with boiling water for 20 minutes. Unrestricted tea frequency service. 1 dose per day.

Indications: Thirst or fever, heat stroke, irritability and drinking. Red and white dysentery. Red eye pain, swollen erysipelas, sore.

Wisdom of Diet


Big Love Bitter Melon , heat and detoxification, anti-cancer products, summer holy medicine. Bitter gourd tastes bitter, cold and cold, so there is a solution to heat the stomach, stomach cold body should be carefully eaten.