Another exercise in the blood of the body

Another exercise in the blood of the body

Shaun Chavis

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It is difficult to predict for eating a diet. But I recently developed "modesty," and I'm trying to choose world-based options, too.

I will admit, there are times when I have time to look up what is nice, choose the best option, and take a sponge. But too many voices are asking the Americans to do more than how our diet affects the weather. You can read more about sustainable agriculture, experts, experts, lunch, and home. But how do you work when real life is on the way?

Lesson from Helene York, director of the Administrative Center of the Administrative Center, who oversees 400 sites in 29 states. In April 2007, York created the Low Carbon Carbon Program and implemented it in all cafes. To reduce the impact they have on nature, these cafés of pork and cheese, buy local food, cut off damage, and seek water resources. (Research to release the Carbon Diet Calculator).

If you lose weight, you already have the skills to go free. "[Successful dieters] review where they were and to use new characteristics to come back in harmony, "He told me in your phone questions. If you've changed your change, then it will not be difficult to try these dietary paths to reduce your footsteps:

Cut on beef and cheese
Pets generate a dramatic global gas, as measured in CO2, more than transportation, according to 2006 report from the United Nations.
Try this: Imagine the meat as a decorative, rather than your diet. If you can make a large salad, add a small amount of sliced ​​meat to the top.

Volume Downsize
When thinking about the fate not only when you are carrying your plate, but when you are selling, too. "Instead of buying land, most deaths are selling food," said York. "When eating, all the energy used to get food on your plate is gone."
Try this: Buy what you need, pick up what you will eat, and eat extra decent instead of extinguishing them. Get some extra mushrooms? Investigate good recipes through part.

Choose good nutrition instead of a lot of food
Food in the container, on color stories, has more calories, diabetes, and environmental effects than natural foods.
Try this: If you are looking for a snack to control your diet, look in the product section. Get sugar and sugar and vegetables and strawberries for your evening meal. Use our guide to choose the best products, try recipes for plants, vegetables, or homemade business market.

Would you like more information? This year there are many great books about eating and cooking in a courtesy way. Some, like Minerals by Kate Heyhoe too Big Cook Cookbook by Jackie Newgent, RD, have a nice guide to change how you shop and Cookâ € "complete the recipe.

Others, like Mark Bittman Food Dining, launching some steps by emphasizing the importance of one's health. In fact, Bittman lost 35 pieces of food and ate the most clean food. Similarly, Go Green Get Lean by Kate Geagan, MS, RD, is a six-week plan to help you lose weight and eat meat at the same time.

If you are eating the food you eat in your environment and abuse, do not recommend it! Leave a comment.

* UPDATE 4/23/09 Original labor is a pricing option as a bonus option. However, it has a large carbon dioxide because of the fact that it is grown in tropical areas and has to travel far away.

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