And at least 235 percent lost on Diet Diet under Age

And at least 235 percent lost on Diet Diet under Age

April McIntosh has a complicated relationship with food. She struggles with growing her growth and regularly in the fat, sugary foods to deal with her emotions. April always wants to lose weight, and she tries to work, but she can not find her food on the road.

All changed around a year ago, when April and her husband, Chris, discovered tract-fed vegetables and lost 235 kilograms.

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In November last year, the number in April reached 330 US dollars, and Chris was 316. April Health Among the girls in Virginia include vegetables, nutrients such as Mac and cheese, fried chicken, potatoes and potatoes. "What really really does not matter," she said.

Chris is a engineer, a job that needs a long time, when he is worried. His diet shows this. If he is doing lunch for work, he will throw "everything that hurts," he said Health. At the end of the day of work, he agreed to remove the side. "Food is what I have," he said.

Carefully, in fact, April began to realize that her responsibility was holding her back. One time she showed her was when she was in a park with her 8-year-old brother. It was hard to go to the great dance with her grandmother, but in April she was worried it, she remembers.

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"While we're in line, I think I do not know if I can do it if it's going to be dangerous because I'm bigger than it's and it's not going to get it right next to it properly, In April, when it's time to leave on a trip, April is scared, and his vehicle can not fit in the seat, and he must tell his brother that he can not go. with him.

April hopes this will be the end of the straw to force her to lose. But this time happened shortly after a few months when Chris and Chris were eating dinner. She adorned herself, and she felt like she was surprised. But when she saw the images of the night, the woman she saw on the screen did not look like she did. "I thought I realized I did not know myself," she said.

At that time, April was sitting and watching his health out of control. She is a fan of stories in the media, and although she is suspected of eating food like a pasta, she knows something has changed.

So, last November to 2017, April has changed every day. She acknowledged that the first days were difficult, especially because of hunger. But after about a week, she noticed good changes. "I have more energy, I do not enjoy time, and I'm really happy," she said.

Chris, on the other hand, did not trust him. He used his usual diet as he watched April and provided beautiful and elegant products. Chris did not expect to be able to provide food such as bread and potatoes, which became his food for all his life.

He considered it a bit to look forward to April's progress to get it on a lost journey. Once he boarded the boat, he knew he had made a good choice. "You will not believe where you're losing weight," he said-he put his gloves to work, and within a short time, he left a large glove.

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April and Chris agree that these early incidents have moved to stand. They replace them with frozen frozen chicken with meat, cheese, broccoli, and pork, and make sure they move on the roads that work for them. April she wants to travel two miles or two on a lunch day to move her body, and Chris works on her feet all day and works hard as a divider.

Now, one year later, April has spent 135 million pounds and was in weight in 195. Chris lost 100 pounds and 216 hrs.

Both are more confident about how they look, and they love that they do not care that their responsibility prevents them from pursuing their duties and interests. But April believes that the best part of her part is her freedom from food.

"I do not feel like eating food," she said. "When I put something in my mouth, because I know what I'm doing, it's clear, I'm not just eating food."

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