AMA has invested 15 million dollars in medical training

AMA has invested 15 million dollars in medical training

The United States Health Organization on Tuesday announced that it would spend 15 million dollars in support of new medical reforms.

In a press briefing on Tuesday, Chief Executive Officer and Assistant Vice President James Madara said the goal of the five-year free-year program was to find a way to provide practical skills in the field of education. medical. This will prepare the next doctors for current medical needs.

"The medical system has not been so extensive in the past century," Madara said. "So, we graduate from doctors who do not fit the medical treatment today."

These grants show the new Emergency Recovery Initiative Program, which began in 2013 when the US $ 12.5 million grant was paid to 32 medical nurses to provide new ways in their delivery.

Schools will address human health education, and lead to advanced doctors, tolerance, and health care.

Dr. Susan Skochelak, Assistant Medical Officer of the AMA, said free will go to organizations with recommendations that focus on improving replacement from doctors from school to training.

"We're looking for ways we can change what is now a shameful thing so when students reach their leadership level, their team knows their skills and they know about areas that need help to enhanced development as a medical doctor, "said Skochelak.

Madara says PM will submit a proposal for Reimagining Residency on January. 3. Advertiser will be notified in June.