Ala Niu Ge marriage notice

Ala Niu Ge marriage notice

Yesterday, the boss gave me another task, saying: “Niu Ge, the boss is not small, you can find an object.”

Ala Niu Ge marriage notice



70, the product of the Cultural Revolution, the thought is a bit conservative and a bit trendy, literary 2B youth. I often laugh at myself in my own year. 28.

From the yak brother, in fact, I am not a cow at all, why is it called a cow brother? Because he joined the commune to release cattle at the age of 5, he was called “the cow commander” at the age of 6.

Yes, I usually like to drink some wine, and I love to brag after drinking.

I want to be a “headmaster” in elementary school; I want to be a “governor” in middle school; I want to be a “director” in college; I want to be a “head” after graduation; I have been tortured for so many years, now I only want to be a “parent”.


Work Experience:

Going over the mountains, going through the sea

Uphill to cut wood , Xiahai for the RMB

done sales, managed

Thirty-five years ago, has been tossing

I accidentally step into the year of confusion, now Full-time insurance, part-time copywriting.

Ala Niu Ge marriage notice


My dreams

There are wives, children, houses, cars, and tickets.

Because I don’t know what to do, I think that is the only way to have a face!


Marriage requirements:

Males detour, women please enter

not too young (Looking for life, not looking for a small three)

You can’t be too old (you don’t lack maternal love)

It can be between positive and negative for 4 years.

Don’t ask the past, just look at the future, if you are bold, you will come.

A gift: a personal value of 2.05 million policy!