Ala Ginger

Ala Ginger
Allah Ginger

On July 8th, in the contemporary moma Broadway Studios, “Ala Ginger”, which had just won two jury awards and best screenwriters at the Shanghai Film Festival, was screened.

I missed the premiere at the Shanghai Film Festival. It’s been two weeks away. This time, Liao Xi invited me to participate in the screening.

I participated in the screening with actor Yi Chunde and actor Yang Xiucuo. Yang Xiucao, a Tibetan actor, also expressed great expectations for this Tibetan film.

The lead team leader Song Taiga, producer Liao Xi, photography director Wang Weihua, producer Du Qingchun, produced and starred the famous Tibetan singer Rong Zhonger, starring Nima Song Song Meet with the audience.

Ala Ginger describes the wife’s decision to embark on a pilgrimage to Tibet after she found the disease. Her husband insisted on going with his wife but was refused. On the way, the husband was relieved, and after catching up with his wife, he untied the secret of his wife’s heart, but his wife died on the way because of illness. During this long pilgrimage, the director is concerned with the emotional changes between the three characters of the wife, husband, and child. The change in feelings mainly occurred when the husband decided to carry out his wife’s unfinished pilgrimage with his son. The details of the film are very impressive. The child’s feet are scratched on the way. The child’s stepfather wrapped the child’s feet in the night. The next day, the child looked at his bandaged feet. It seemed to be the stepfather. The resentment is also a lot less. Another great thing is that after the child’s mother died, the child witnessed a small mother who also passed away. When the mother dies, the child’s words around the child let the child think a little, and then see the death of another life, not only brings more thinking to the children, but also brings more thinking to the audience.

In the last film festival, I blessed the crew of “Ala Ginger” for the first time after the award ceremony.

 Ala Ginger

Left: Female star Nima Song, director Song Taiga, Cheng Qingsong, producer Liao Xi, editing Sang Doujie