After Splurging format, Restore a song for Fall

After Splurging format, Restore a song for Fall

During this month, while children were returning to school and also their employers and greetings during the summer, it was time for the elderly (large, like me) to get the right food and and narrow.

I often hear that September is the largest foodstuff after January. Clearly, many people are coming to the Broadcasting Group or to fitness, or Jenny Craig or other dietary programs to help them lose their weight in the summer. I'm not sure if this is true, but it's not surprising: I know I'm feeling more apple-ish than I'm, and I will not take it again.

Water is in control of our diet because most of us do not have to work for lunch, or for rest, children are home all day, or many things for food supper after work and weekend ; they make us harder to cheat on our diet, a little here and there. Most of us work very well on our load over the coming months when we swim, but often we will go back to the old roads once the building comes out and cocktails start to start. If you add only a number of calories 150 a day-which can be just a glass of wine or 1/2 cup ice cream-begins on the anniversary day, you can almost about four pounds come on the day of work.

I think I'm doing more than five pounds more efficiently, but in fact, I did not worry about myself since May. (Note: That's one of my reasons for the moment.) And I did just about my diet and finished these barbecues, the end of the wine and the wine, and the consent life for everything I am. fam.

So instead of enjoying and going to the dining room to use me, I'm planning to get these five pounds, the stat. September for me means a serious time about eating healthy.

Here's what I decided to do.

1. Build myself a weekly. When I bring out a calendar, put it in the bathroom over the scale, and do it myself every morning Monday. Ouch! This song soon after the week helped me to cut down on Saturday and Sunday.

2. Eat good food. One of the best techniques is to eat at night and to eat during the day. Since I worked a lot, I could not be hungry-but me mother sleep to sleep with a little rumble in the stomach. So I will be generous with lunch and lunch, burn these calories a day, and eat a salad or lunch over next week or so.

3. Stop the sips. It is easy to forget about the calories of water, but wine and wine can store at least 100 calories per glass-not mentioned, it is difficult to watered without a brain and dip, cheese cheese, or other foodstuffs. I do not have enough alcohol, so it's easy for me to remove it from the next meal until I regain my weight.

4. Set the goal of the game. I signed the Oktoba Oktoba for a long time where I knew that 20 miles in the race, every extra flavor on my skin would be like a pond. Talk about why to lose weight!

5. Ask for help from a carrier. I need the other half support to do this, since we are eating more together together. We would agree that everyone who cooks food will be careful not to board a boat, a drug, or a sodium, and we will dive our food with appropriate areas – things that will not be included in the refrigerator, so it's not we are tempted. to go back crying for seconds. I also asked him to hide my favorite food, such as the trickery of tortillas and cereals; I can only handle the second bag if I do not care.

Stop listening. I will be on the path to progress and to tell you how.

By Julie Upton, RD