Aetna reports, a]in Medicare, have received support

Aetna reports,

a]in Medicare, have received support

Aetna's health statement highlighted revenue and income in the third quarter of 2018 after increasing the number of Medicare Advantage groups.

Aetna has increased 15.5 billion US dollars in the third quarter of 2018, raising 3.2% at the same time this year. Income rates increased by 19.3% annually to one billion dollars in three months ended September 30.

"Aetna third quarter of the performance was built on a positive strength from the beginning of half of 2018," Aetna leader and President Mark Bertolini said in a statement. "Cooperation with CVS Health will lead to the development of Aetna development and improve our attention to help rehabilitate health systems."

The US Consulate Initially this month left a way for Aetna to collaborate with the CVS pharmacist, along with the condition that Aetna sells Medicare medical care in WellCare's health system. Aetna spent $ 18 million in partnership during the third quarter and $ 95 million over the past nine months in connection with CVS.

Aetna says the increase in revenue has increased thanks to the growth of a member in its Medicare business. Participating in the Ma Medicare Advantage plan rose 19.3% to almost 1.8 million in the third quarter. Aetna continues to be a member of the Medicare system of 5.7% to 775,000.

But Aetna lost personal ads, specialized experts and customers of Medicaid. The number of members increased to 22.1 million in September 30 compared to 22.2 million in one year.

Aetna said revenue was received by recovering from the 2018 hospital.

Aetna Award has recently been awarded the 2017 Business and Employment Law and the positive impact of Aetna's insurance, hospitalization and corporate management in the fourth quarter of 2017. is the insurer.

Aetna's health report, which represents the cost of health care and effective quality, was 81.5% compared to 81.9% per year.