Advocating one person’s life and one electronic medical record to make the public disease prevention more traceable

advocate One person's life and one electronic medical record makes the public disease prevention more traceable.

Source/Vision China

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Zhang Wei) In order to further promote and enhance the application and cognition of smart medical care in clinical management, the intelligent medical leading brand TPP participated in the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Conference hosted by Shanghai Institute of Advanced Studies, Shanghai Academy of Sciences. . The founder and CEO of the brand, Sir Frank Hearst, attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech on the latest applications of artificial intelligence technology in clinical medical management.

Sir Frankhurst said: “Artificial intelligence as a new technological science that extends and extends human intelligence has been applied in many vertical fields, especially in the medical and health fields, through a large number of Medical data analysis and deep learning technology have become the boosters of medical informationization, especially in China. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence in the medical field, the medical model will be reconstructed in the future, helping clinicians to quickly improve the level of diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, the prevention of public disease has become more traceable, completely subverting the existing treatment-based model.”

In fact, medical informatization has long been the trend in China. However, due to the particularity of the medical industry, how to extend medical information into the field of clinical case management and realize medical information sharing – an electronic medical record for one person and one life, still faces enormous challenges. At the moment when “Internet + medical care” is becoming more and more popular, in the first half of this year, many hospitals in Beijing and other cities have conducted pilot electronic medical record sharing and achieved the expected results. However, how to promote electronic medical records nationwide? It is urgent to solve the problem of providing electronic patient records sharing system with accurate and continuous use, consistent standards and convenient query for patients all over the country.

As an advocate of the concept of one-person, one-person electronic medical record, TPP has extensive experience in the development and management of electronic medical record information software. In the birthplace of the United Kingdom, the TPP stores electronic medical records of more than two-thirds of the country’s population. In the doctor’s consultation, you can not only access the patient information at any time, but also add the latest information to the electronic medical record, realize the interconnection and sharing of the patient’s electronic medical records in each medical institution, help the doctor to conduct more reasonable medical treatment, and even more Complex algorithms, electronic medical records are applied to early prediction of some cancers. Take the groundbreaking Nova project developed by TPP as an example. With artificial intelligence, it can help doctors to make correct diagnosis early. It has been applied to early screening of patients with ovarian cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer.