Adaptogenic Rue Date – My New Bots

Adaptogenic Rue Date – My New Bots


Each year, my girlfriend Sasha Swerdloff is preparing for the women's journey through the world of food (bloggers, books, books, nutrition, photographer, etc.), together, share delicious foods, try each other the other one on the screen (… see? Genius!) This year I actually have to attend – really true: I did not really invite because I wanted to meet these gifted girls at IRL. The club has decided to come together for Palm Springs, and I'm happy with how I need to escape two types of juries: home repairs and maintenance in February.

These days were perfectly suited to the sun, taste, and life-confidence. We have a lot to cook, and then cook our cakes with lots of photos. We went up; we said, "We have found, we laughed, and arrested a conspiracy. In addition to all the heartbeat, one of my most important things, visited the history of the city outside of the city, to understand where we like to eat all the sweet foods (and to cover ourselves, naturally ). I never saw a tree before and it was transferred to the garden of his own life as the only miraculous growth.


Dates grow on palm trees and consistently follow the timetable – you can go directly to your watch until the leisure time. The first day of the tree of the tree is in the blossoms, and the work begins, as the farmers put each other in it. Male and female effects are approximately 1 to 30, since male fertilizers are necessary to produce pollen, and the plants are the fruits of the fruit. Between the first day of spring and the first day of summer, the tree stays all year round. All works (scrubber, feeding, etc.) It should be present at this time, as at that time when it is clay, replace it with green, yellow, brown. The date is ready to eat from the first day of autumn, and then the cereal begins. During this time, the fruit from the tree and out to protect the plastic lens looga prevent rain, birds and insects from the fruit, or take when ripe. The farmer told us that the best place to date is to stay on the tree for the modern, but if the weight is too heavy, it will not melt as well as the next year, which affects the production of trees.

A few years after the history of the farm, it was so large and kind to her about her fruit like a little boy & # 39; little, which really swallowed us. It is really one of my favorite things in this world, to see how and where to grow food, and to meet and connect with people who love to produce. We all went to the heart and the full heart, and of course, our luggage scavenging the dates.

Date shake

In all the dusty roads, in the desert road, we have seen a lot of signs of shaking history, and this is the land of the bullying that has been restored in 1930. Everyone was sold and bought, but my mouth was watering well and I'm happy to get back and do for myself. Original food is easy, and calls on the date, ice, milk, and sometimes sunbeds and plants. I knew that was a great opportunity and a great date on the history of coconut milk, including milk, tuberculosis, and the services.

So why is it worth it? Well, I felt like the background of beautiful medical use of animals, and the best way to looga can do more than support the measure stress-reducing, adrenal-love, balance hormone, the length to get back to the weight ? Yahs! I have four choices in the hand, but there are many elections when you start digging around small stores. Here's a little about each and why I chose it.

Ashwagen: Helps the body to cope with the pressure and repeat the balance. It encourages deep sleep, supports the protection system, and the energy levels.
Wuxu Shou Wu: builds up blood, adaptes to the function of adrenal gland, hair follicles, skin and nervous system, increases the antioxidant activity.
Maca: Increases stamina, mood disorders, helps to balance hormones both for men and women, supports fertility and health.
Movement: hormone balance, helps the body to cope with stress, supports the defense response, and helps to learn and remember.

* Some adaptations during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and how long treatment is not recommended, then check with the naturalist healthcare provider before you try one.


The park we visited has increased seven types of history, and I like to try it all. Unfriendly love was the type of farmer he created, called Black Gold. He also said this was the best type of shaking history, but considering the fact that you maaaaay Do not have the opportunity to visit Palm Springs anytime, we will continue to advise and advise you to use the Medjool history of the skin, as they get extensive, their skin is easily integrated into the regular. If you can not find Medjool, try to change it to Noror, or your wet wipe with warm water up to half an hour before you put it together.

Dates are a lot of energy, which gives the total generous amount of fat free food with low fat. The history is mineral, potassium, manganese, magnesium and copper, as well as vitamins B-vitamins. Seek bouncing dates and seating (if you buy them from the market, ask them to test them first), their skin is dense, not bright or dusty. We store dates on the mirror glass mirror to increase daily life, and to protect the taste and nutrition. In this case, the dates will last up to six months. Apart from the room temperature in the room, the dates will last up to one and a half months, or you can cool it up to one year.


This circle in this combination is a choice, in fact I really liked the version without it, although it was a bit thick and "cool". If you want to add more sweet and delicious dates, stay alive. I found that this amount, about Medjool 3, was the best for me, even the banana. Animals can also be optional, but help them draw a strong coat of talent, which appreciates sometimes tastes such as indoor, or anyone who likes: feet? Mmmmm. Right. Let's cover it.

All this, this is a logical way to start your day, or the normal afternoon. It is creamy, smooth, sweet and completely balanced. I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

I want to shout loudly with Sasha and all women who participated in the rehearing – it was really a beautiful experience. And if anyone is looking for something natural and natural, follow this wonderful piece of code, below:

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Hopefully you enjoy all the first breaths of the season. Delivering love, thanks, and sunshine,
Sarah B.

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