Accomodation suggests the marketing of many drugs

Accomodation suggests the marketing of many drugs

Secretary HHS, Alex Azar, said on Friday that an entrepreneurial investment plan could eliminate the remains of the drug after its involvement in the influence of a port of Medicare D and control the health of Medicaid.

HHS released a treaty agreement last Thursday, which would eliminate security from the anti-kickback anti-kickback anti-kickback anti-kickback drug that was paid to supervisors. medications and insurers. Instead of protecting the end of the harbor, the proposed legislation will create a new protection against the sale to the drug-borne drug and other PBM funds.

The result, which, if completed in 2020, does not apply to the marketing system.

However, Azar said that a business plan could be consistent with the cost of reducing the cost, which allegedly led to something that could lead to drug-based drugs to raise price prices. Azar said that the plan might want to create this system for private plans for Medicare.

"It's a very difficult task to play a game with Medicare," said Azar at a press briefing on Friday at the Bipartisan Policy Center at a press conference. Washington.

He added that the states could use new security measures and that states could spend money for private plans. Azar states that about 30 states have introduced federal law enforcement laws.

If states have used new protection at the port, it may also cause a problem for private plans to follow, he said.

But PBMs and insurance companies have been scheming about this process, causing doubts about whether they will follow and eliminate their business income.

"We believe that the government goes back to the painting and starts with this planned system, and instead it will take action that will reduce the price of the drug and will keep drug users for the price of "said the American intelligence bank account in the statement.

HHS submitted the payments that pharmaceuticals have paid to pharmacy or sellers since the release of the drug drug system in May 2018.

The government allegedly reduced the cost of reducing the cost of drug abuse because PBM and the insurer cut off any fees, so they could close their calculations or prepare drug medications with the highest price to get a large amount of money. Another concern is if a pharmacist agrees to pay a great loan to PBM so that it continues to be cheaper through the PBM system.

When the constitution is completed, it means that such fees will not be protected from protection against the anti-kickback law and that authorities can sue courts by using drugs to design Medicare Part D.

The proposed law will create a new port for the direct payment offered to the patient and care for the additional costs paid by the seller to PBM.

This form will be published in the Federal Capital Territory at a certain time next week and will last for a maximum of 60 days. Azar said on Friday that after the end of the rule it will be implemented within 60 days from the date the last edition was published.

The government intends to stop the protection of the pilot protection on January 1, 2020. The report stated that plans that PBMs could now have to change their current trading system.

"Nothing will be a way of getting it healthy if it changes the contract," he said.

But the rule only applies to Medicare Part D and Medicaid treatment. The implementation of the regime in the universe will act as a legislature.

Azar said he was talking with parliamentary issues about drug drug problems but did not say if there was a bill in the services.

"There's a lot of energy on the hill to look for some material things," he said.

Some Republican Republics have had a change of cash flow, such as Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas).

"It is obviously not true, and it is a source of pressure on drug prices and it is clear that PBM and Pharmacy are making a difference in what debt is unfair," said Cornyn at the hearing of the Finance Board old. early this week.

So far, some Democrats have been disappointed with the plans released on Thursday.

"Most patients in Medicare will be able to see the money they earn and the cash flows when this project is completed," said Frank Pallone (DN.J.) and Richard Neal (D-Mass.) In a statement on Thursday . . Neal is chairman of the Local Business Committee and Pallone is chairman of the House House Energy & Commerce Committee.

Azar said that the amount of money spent on the Medicare Department Part D would increase from three to five dollars a month, over $ 40.

However, the higher prices will be paid by the price at the pharmacy, he said.

"This brings them relief whenever they go to the pharmacy," said Azar at his remarks.