Abnormal urges and sterilization in the urine and stomach are: Because it is not a minor

Abnormal urges and sterilization in the urine and stomach are: Because it is not a minor

Most people get tired of urine and urine urination as they get worse by age. We get old, the items stop working, and we wore wet guns. Cue Cue about adult diapers and investment "rely on" the future. Not all is required. Issues for the elderly. There is more about it. As in other parts of the "old age," the unwanted and unbearable "no" event. The elderly can grow or monitor the decline, but it is not logical, unavoidable, or unacceptable.

There are surgical treatments, most of which are involved in expansion of lubricants, tannins and pellets. These are beyond the scope of the post office, which focuses on the training and other inappropriate activities and preventive measures.

What is the Contraceptive Treaty?

The most common form is a urine bladder. When you do a heavy enough to create stress, such as sneezing, a special laugh, a trampoline, a clean electric, or a jump box, the pressure goes away from the weak point of your body – the pelvic floor muscle support and allowing for bladder functionality. The result is a lot of misery.

The most common type is a quick stop. That's when you can control the bladder well, but you feel you're going to walk more than you like. This can interfere with sleep and put you in good condition.

There is also a urinary bladder in the urethra. If men are kept in contact with it, they often cause prostate problems & # 39; or prostate surgery & # 39; replacing the normal flow and urinary functioning. This project will not be done anymore, but many of the exercises will tell you that women who are being treated for urinating or urinating can also help men to cope with the urinary incontinence & # 39; prostate & # 39; For more details on this, go back to my health site on the prostate a few weeks later.

The two stresses and eradication strains often have the same reason: the pelvic hernia problem. The pelvic organs act as a rough, strong muscle and joint tissue between pelvic and supportive bone tools, including the joints, joints, gingivitis, gums, stomach, and many different types. We can use it to control our urine, our bowel industry, even sexual activity. It is very important.

What Is Wrong?

It is weak and stimulates internal support (the lid pulls the front of the body), interfering with the urine and urine control.

What causes pelvic floor problems?

Citizenship is one reason, but not a conclusion. Women with vaginal delivery are more likely to show pelvic floor problems than women with nerve disorders, while a new study assisted equipment reproductive and epidiotomy were the major causes of cervical cancer associated with urine and stool, not just the delivery. Permission to return to the second stage of labor, rather than starting out of the press, can also reduce the association.

Muscle pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic bone is the place where its name appears. It's where we can play, walk, run, produce, dance, and movement. To keep you happy, healthy, and strong, we must move. Then continue. With all the different types of space and time and possibilities for the likelihood of the limbs and organs. That's what is all Our muscles are expecting the atmosphere. It's what they need. When that does not happen, they recognize – like the other muscles.

Who develops urinary tract infections?

Harassment does not mean that urine is more than women's men. And most women who have been exposed to high fever-free urine, although the birth may increase the event.

The Symbols of Land Based Operations

Besides stopping the urinary tract and stopping it – which is very difficult to miss – what are the warning signs of the pelvic floor?

Low-performance low-fat activity. According to a specialist Katy Bowman, the mirrors play a key role in pelvic floor work and prevent urination of urine.

Low Back Problem. This suggests that your hips are pulled inside inside because of poor mobility and / or severe pelvic floor muscles.

Muscle atrophy elsewhere. If the muscles lose your hands and feet, what do you think will happen in other places?

What can you do?

Work towards your side

If you can not sit in a full bake, just a fair and honest bee on the ground, you need to work on your form.

I propose to read the previous story of Kelly Starrett as the best form of sports. It focuses on training and training, but technics are equally relevant to the basic weight loss for pelvic floor muscle.

Things to do: go to how low you can not reach the butt wink. Winku depends on when the pelvis begins to return to the lower body. If you are all in one place, you replace your syringe and prevent it from getting the pelvic area of ​​the pelvic area. Stop coughing.

Hit Lot

You do not need to go to the swelling, although it is a great way to build up the strength. In fact, I would have avoided the heavy burden if you currently have urine in the urine sample, as the stresses in the state of the body are so severe that the problem can be further deteriorating and, consequently, relax.

I often talk about it everyday every day: when playing with the kids, taking pets from the dog, washing machines, dancing, cleaning the house, the garden. If you can add a lot while using the toilet, maybe using the Squatty Potty or something, that's better. Katy Bowman recommends that women try to bathe in the shower as part of their treatment for pelvic pain.

Using the toilet (or Minimum Shadow)

I posted a station nearly ten years ago by exploring the rape of a rape. Not only improves the symptoms of the patient, reduces the weight and the abrasion of the stomach, but also scratches so that it can reduce the pressure on the pelvic floor muscle.

Not everyone should try to stop the toilet from breaking the books, or go all out to the south to the south of the toilet, or even to get Potty Potty. It's possible to do the best – it's definitely the most advanced and up-to-date method called poop-but not necessarily & # 39; Why is it important to get up and down your knees above your hips? If you can win by putting your feet on a stool (not that is the type of stool) when you sit in the toilet, they must make cheats.

Take a walk and take it to us

At the next time you walk on your upper gum at your back. Whenever you arrive, you must feel your contracted chocolate. If they are contracted, much fear. You use your privacy in order to collect yourself. If it does not, you should try to get a contract for you when traveling.

Do this on a ten minute journey (at least) every day feeling tense. Let it be enough for you enough for yourself, as the result of this blues will make a lot of fun activities in many respects, such as breathing. Finally you will begin to do it without thinking. That is the goal.

Make Kegels-Different

Normal pelvic floor muscle training should learn pelvic floor muscles directly using the cord. This is the contract you are contracting to stop candy. "Seamstress" refers to contracts and releases muscles for sets and reps. A normal advice is to hold it for ten seconds, release ten seconds, and repeat every day. Waiting for the queue? Kegels. Eating food? Make some pieces. Remember this man DMV last week without interruption for sweating and start swing as both of you were waiting for your number? He might have worked on the rails.

It is certainly a part of the story-stories that show that the parts work for men, women and the elderly – but not enough.

Thoughts Katy Bowman & # 39; s taking a topic. She thinks the hatred has made a disturbance to the problem by creating a muscle, but eventually weakens the pelvic floor muscles that release the exercise. Let it be weak or inactive is it Compare the curve of the cervix but do not fall into the growth of the skin and increase the ureter of the urine. It suggests to make a voucher while in a computer position to ensure that the mirror is working and all other effective muscles are very balanced.

More than Kegels

The bad news is that we do not have much testing on Katy Bowman's system of deep rules and daily activities and different green leaflets and toilets. Most of us have "basic pelvic floor exercises", which usually means "kegel." The good news is that even gymnastics exercises seem to be working on anyone who has a urinary incontinence, if they are exposed to pregnancy, age 70, or prostate syndrome & # 39; prostate & # 39; Youth, age & sex, work in the middle, sex and gymnastics.

In fact, we have only one single study that suggests that the nut will work well if you balance the target and the pelvic exercise. In this study, women urinating urine urine urine were divided into two parts. One group has developed pelvic floor muscles. The other team made pods on the ground floor, plus exercises to strengthen muscle tone, moderate mixtures, and maximus size. The two groups have improved the symptoms, but the conscious group has made good results.

In the case of a sticker, you can use a lathe machine where you are connecting the luggage to your luggage and your knees together against the refusal. Another option is to use antidepressant groups. Post at the end of the section to find the structure and the other one in your ankle. Push legged legs, and then tighten the narrow leg on the side of the leg; You should feel your inside throat. Do this on both legs.

For any radiation, you have many options. Braces, bowels, muscles, extinguishers, throat, resistant substances.

If you want to get this deeply into this topic and you really learn the best techniques of pelvic layout, I would take a copy of Katy Lowering Women.

Take a strong and keep on

One of the strongest predictions of the urine sample was confusion physical. The weak, weak, vulnerable to falling, unable to move stairs, without the feet of the man or woman, is likely to have a urine bladder. This often affects the muscle; confusion seems to have all lower muscle, including the pelvic floor.

Studies show that strong training improves the control of both the men and women in the urinary tract.

The best option is that I have never found a soft spot at first. If you're small and have a physical appearance, continue training and movement. Do not lose. If you are younger than the control, continue training and movement. Do not try the time you have. It goes faster. If you are too big and too old, you should start today. This does not happen at night. Lice are difficult to make important things to be strong, but that can not be solved by & nbsp;

Lower lines

None of them is guaranteed against the goal of urinating. Guarantees are not really living. But I'm sure everyone who works for all the advice and advice mentioned in the post today will have a good immunity to prevent bladder control than those of the doppelganger international who have never had a good time.

If you have any urine sample or urine sample, let us know the following. What worked? What was it? What worked for a while, and then stopped?

Thank you for reading and sharing here. Happy halloween, everyone.



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