A woman says Keto Diet has broken down Marriage

A woman says Keto Diet has broken down Marriage

The dietary diet is hot and hot for many things-some do not agree with the dietary, healthy diet, some say they do not work. But can it cause a damaged relationship? Apparently yes, according to one user Reddit.

"I wonder if anyone ever lost a married couple for a loss of weight?" Bertiebugg user recently published in Reddit. "I never realized that by losing my husband's responsibilities for about 17 years, he would not tell me that he did not have to drink."

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Hold on. A. Phone. Anyone who thinks that a partner's appearance is a relationship that holds a relationship together with some serious problems. This woman is trying to save herself from health problems that can result from weight loss, and we appreciate her for doing so.

Bertiebugg continues to appear "far from small" right now. Before she took action and continued to eat, she weighs a kilogram of 300 pounds. Now, she's less than 250 and she's close to 200, she writes.

Although Bertiebugg did not see herself, she said that her body parts had changed. Some things are encouraging and some have disappeared, what her husband did not like.

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"He said I lost my life (I did not have in the first place), that my thighs jumped out of the saggy inside (which was true but they were), and I lost my breast, # 39, she said.

According to the statement, Bertiebugg said he was completely closed. "I've never done it because of the man who would leave me because of my loss. I'm scared, because he is not perfect. I do not know how he could tell me this if he ever loved me."

We can not believe it, and some Reddit users seem to agree. Immediately they jumped to defend it.

"Whenever you decide to make changes in life, or poverty, start a business, and so on, they will always be your supporters and those who see your victory as a shame to themselves and insecurity log into "one user wrote.

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Another said that there was a problem with the efficiency of the struggle. "His words are not about money, you're changing and trying to find your best, maybe he's threatening it."

Some say it would be best without it in her life. "If he decides that you are not as good because you are healthy and take good steps to improve yourself, I will count him as a step in the right way. You can not force someone to love you no, but you can love yourself when others do not, "the user said.

Above all, everyone believes that Bertiebugg should be proud of his growth. "Honey, you're big, you've got 75 pieces of money, what's best for you and your doctor should be. You have every rights to make," said a user.

He said that having a good relationship with the diet was not something. In 2013, researchers in Carolina State of Carolina were investigating how loss of weight could affect relationships. They found that while a minimum of 60 million or more years in two or two years has been developing relationships, sometimes the partner is fearful or threatened.

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Gail Saltz, MD, Health It helps the psychologist to say that one person's change can cause a partner to do more than his own pain, which may be a source of concern for them.

The partner may wonder if behavior can change. "You're enjoyable, fun, or trustworthy can change the quality of your relationship," said Dr. Saltz. "They are afraid to lose the identity of a person who is more confident or lose his hand."

Ding, ding, ding, feeling like some commentators are right. The Bertiebugg source may be facing problems because of its illness, and it contains this.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, talk to your sibling carefully about why they can respond to your progress in such a bad way. No one should cure such a drug, and help a partner understand that their behavior can make it easier for them.

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