A to Z Microworkouts to enter your day

A to Z Microworkouts to enter your day

microworkouts If you need ideas for home-made microworkouts, don't go too far. We have listed all the alphabets in the house – so we can do it every day.

The idea behind microworkouts is to move your day rather than a long, hard work. You will be surprised how quickly the effects change! See how many people you can complete in a day, and try to include them all in the coming days. Tell us how much you are sure.

Changing the lungs

Stand with shoulder to shoulder. For a slow motion, move one step forward and hold both knees simultaneously until your back knee is only a few inches. Return to your starting point and return to the other leg.


Stand up, go down and place your hands on the ground. Put your feet back in place and press. Hold your legs in front of the squat and do a standing jump.

An auction

Dead gifts

Flexible shoulder-to-knee boards

Start position and click to roll to one side, giving the ball ubogaya foot down a bit early to get your feet high stability. Equally bend your upper arm and lower leg so that your elbow and knee meet.

Flutter Heating

Lie on your back. Get your shoulders and feet off the floor to keep your stomach active. With your legs touching, move one foot up to six inches while the other legs lower, positioning them on the chest.

Sewage Seals

Lie on your back with your hands on your sides, with your palms extended. Knees and knees planted on the land, a piece of injiir cirifyadaada. Push your heel up and raise your hips, squeezing the top. Slowly lower and repeat.

Open body rocks

Basic Health Training Brian shows up on the open body stone at 2:20 each time.

Push the push-ups

Find a solid place, such as an exercise step or staircase in your home. Go into a push position with your feet on the floor and your hands reaching the floor. Slow down and lift your body up as you do on the floor drawers.

The dust of the dust

Start with a stand with your feet flat on the shoulders. Lower the visitor as if sitting in a chair. In one smooth motion, jump and move to the ground, down to a turning point. The invisible line between your head and head should be straightforward – only your legs should bend and straighten.

Kettlebell rolls around

Begin by standing, holding both hands The legs should be slightly wider than the shoulder blades. Roll the kettlebell only until your hands are directly in front of you. Down landing, already down to your knees, knees slightly to roll to the kettlebell kettlebell jump from under the hips. From there, change the direction and come back to repeat.

Lying on the leg

Lie on the floor and place your hands in the halls of glasses. With straight legs, slowly lift your legs until your legs and elbows are at a 90 degree angle. Slowly push back into the starting position. The key is to keep your abs tight throughout the movement.

Climate Mountains

Start with the push position. Move your front foot until your knee is just a few inches from your right elbow. Quickly move the sides until your right knee is straight and your left knee is close to your left elbow, and continue until you are done with your finish.

A thin car

Start with your feet a little closer than the width. Bend as you sit in an invisible chair, holding a straight line between your elbows and your head. Slowly go back to a stand and repeat.

Tricep extensions

Grab two thin weights, a thin cloth, a water bottle, or one piece of resistance. Starting from a standing position, lift your weight over your head and bend your elbows slightly down to get closer to your shoulders. Straighten your arms to focus and practice. If you are using a resistance rope, go in the middle, grasp the handle with your hand, and move the motion to use the load.

Push it

Quick Types

Frequency of Lung

Return lungs are the same movement as the lungs above, except you have to move forward, take action backwards before you lower your knees.


Tricep sites

Place your hands on a chair, facing the fingers. Spread your legs where you can comfortably go down. With your legs planted on the ground, use your hands to lower your body until the shaking is a few inches. Push your body back and repeat.

Straight Rows

Start with a stand, a foot wide. Hold it with two light weights, or a handle on the tip of the stomach. By focusing, separate the imaginary line from the pelvis to your hips. Slowly lower and repeat.


Lie on your back. Remove shoulders and feet from the ground. Keep your legs straight, holding them in position, making sure that the only part of your body touching the ground is a glute.

Wall kits

At a standstill, touch your back against the wall and lower it as if sitting in an invisible chair. Give it as long as you can.

X-Abs (Other Extras)

Start with the V-Sit position where your hands will appear in front of you. Lift your shoulders by bringing one knee closer to your chest, while your hands are over your knee. Lower your shoulders and knees at the same time, and return to the other knee.

Y-kor (Supermans)

Lie on your stomach with your legs straight and your arms straight out toward you. At the same time raise your body and legs to the ground until your stomach is the only thing that touches the ground. Catch them.


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