French Vegan Strawberry Competition Toast Casserole | Further Assistance

French toast & # 39; It's a good picture of the rules of the cooking time that makes it easier.

Sometimes I often learn about my life when I cook. Sure, there are moments when the next step or two, a long way, a specialist, or a lot of nutrients really does make a lot of food. But these are fewer and far from the times when they combine daily foods, which are reasonably placed, combine the right thing. All of them are good for them to be right.

There are many ways to replace vegan baking eggs, which means an equal number of different ways to split & # 39; When I first tested this map, late last week, I used a mixture of bread and chickpea which based on what I used to use in the French lobster Power Supply.

It's just enough, it works cucumbers-it's fair, not a device-it's not working at this time. My sensation touches the gums, which is a little made of gelatinous in the maize. So I tried to raise the velocity and density of nutrients, which is sometimes used as a fragrant French fragrance. It is a good idea, and it works in tofu, but it offers a lot of spicy taste, even a small amount.

French Vegan Strawberry Competition Toast Casserole | Further Assistance

Finally, I decided to use a mixture that felt like I was feeling, but it is logically a little confused: unpasteurized, unpolluted egg yolk, rich fatty oil. And, behold, she was caressing him well.

French Vegan Strawberry Competition Toast Casserole | Further Assistance

Therefore, in fact, in fact, that this is now one of my timeline, exercise. Breaded baking is beautiful, I can still get more (now the seeds of fruit!), But sometimes girls' daughters change.

Although they have been working on DI, I have still been resting on every holiday, and I usually have half a cup of bread or bread. This is the best way to get used to it a bit dry, so that all the lights work week instead of a week that left half, and cook food in the morning.

French Vegan Strawberry Competition Toast Casserole | Further Assistance

As far as the type of bread, I would recommend white Pullman, many French varieties, cheese cakes (such as Alexandra cake), or a boule. White leafy or white tomatoes are also working, but I think the best apple juice is wholemeal wheat, or a lot of dough. Super-mold bread, dough, and baked leafy baked breads 🙂 If you have a white balance of bread like the storm you like, use it anyway.

Bread, re-designing can be changed to suit your belongings. I can recommend morning or evening fish, but if you have sunflower or pumpkin seeds, both of them would work. Or you feel free to scrub 1/3 cup of cash to push the dryer. Non-dairy milk is good and I tested the combination of both descriptions and both, Medjool. Both work, although I prefer the history of the taste for the color, caramel color-like.

Finally, you can use blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries somewhere in strawberries, if this is what is locally or you prefer. I will try to try both punches and apples.

Without having more, cooking.

French Vegan Strawberry Competition Toast Casserole | Further Assistance

Get rid of the trailer

A simple snack called the Vegan Strawberry French Toast Casserole

Time Prep15 mine

Food Time50 mine

Services: 6 tax

Its contents

  • 1 small (14-16 ounces) unfortunately in France, white bread, leaf, or vegan challah, cut large cubes (or 2 cups of bread)
  • 1 1/2 cups cut into strawberries, but Other berry / other fruit choice
  • 2 1/4 cups non-dairy milk selection
  • 1/4 Cup fat or lemon juice (replace other soda / cereal or fish 1/3 cup cake if you have a strong blender)
  • 1/4 teaspoons salt
  • 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1/3 Cup maple syrup but 6, medjool history
  • 2 carry it Food cooked food


  • Boil an oven until 350F and lightly shave 9×13 baking oven. Put the chicken packed and the strawberries cut into the baking dish.

  • Collect non-dairy milk, fat, salt, cinnamon, syrup or date, and fats in the dryer until smooth. Pour the mixture into the fish and berries. Allow the rinse to drain the liquid at least 30 minutes. You can also prepare a nightclub at night before breakfast, cover, and sit in the refrigerator overnight.

  • Combine the dough for 45-55 minutes, or up to the top of the golden cubes and the kettlebells will get a wet brown color. (Look at the young marijuana for 35 minutes, if he is shaking so fast, you can cover the oven and continue the meal for 15 minutes.) Let the bus cool for at least 15-20 minutes before serving.


The cream can be cooled for 6 weeks. Victims will keep the container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

French Vegan Strawberry Competition Toast Casserole | Further Assistance

A small amount of syrup is not a problem, if you are attracting something sweet.

That's so beautiful about this. As an antibiotic and recently formed anomaly, it feels special, like treatment. It does not work properly, but it has only one feels to have it. It may be leaked, unavailable, the day-to-day events that have been turned to a Sunday. Dessert is here excluding vegetable juice and dates; it was delicious and comfortable to find the rest of the refrigerator every morning during another lift of a stone or two. I hope you will feel the same way about the dish, whether it's stone or bicycle.

When you speak, thanks to good answers about complex produced. They mean more. I will soon see you here.