A service provider with a link to taking a billing account can be closed

A service provider with a link to taking a billing account can be closed

Two villages in Texas are afraid to lose their hospitals only with medical practitioners next week after the borrower goes into the test exam and has not signed a new partner.

Rockdale, Texas, Texas, who employs more than 600 people, says he can not afford to pay,

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a]yes, and can not find a buyer. It is expected to change its bankruptcy up to Chapter 7, which the recipient will revoke and conceal. Little River will close on Dec. 7.

Since the 11th Deposit Account Company has been set up, the payment can not be paid, including the payment for a week ending Friday night # 39; on November 30. Data has shown the company that has already donated more than $ 1 million in unpaid debt.

In November 30, Little River said Monroe Capital Management refused to receive a large sum of money, including $ 700,000 for the week ended November 30.

"Monroe said he could not have the inner confidence to make this money and insisted he was alone by using cash," the court said.

Courts show that Monroe is the best copy of the Little River writer. Little River has become Monroe about $ 53 million. Representatives with the Little River, including lawyers, and Monroe will not be allowed to comment on Saturday.

Most Facebook users have been identified by authors, as Little River users have posted on the website that loss of hospitals and medical doctors will destroy their reputation. Some have written that they make a prayer for the new incoming one. Little River works only at Rockdale hospitals, with about 5,600 people and Cameron, with about 5,500 people, according to the Texas firm.

Little River and its branches have about 600 practitioners and doctors working with 63 doctors, but the data indicate that the payroll is not paid. The company uses photographic centers, surgery centers, medical centers and medical centers, mostly in central Texas.

Over the past few years, hospitalized hospitals have begun negotiations with the test laboratories used in the accounting documents for researchers conducted on tests for testing for patients in states that sometimes they have not been performed in these areas. The problem goes into when entrepreneurs stop paying or try to reimburse their currency. In many cases hospitals in central planning must cover.

In the Euphrates River, court evidence has shown that sellers of goods disregarded the River River River or tried to reimburse the payment of their services.

A recent health survey found that Rockdale's clinic reported the year's polls in 2015 and 2016: $ 213.6 million and $ 372.2 million. About 625 health insurance companies in 2015 were 86% in hospitals in 2016. Some small hospitals in Little River showed similar exercise.

UnitedHealthcare is the second largest in the Nile, about $ 39 million, according to the court. Aetna says Little River has more than $ 27 million. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas say the company has about $ 26 million.

Ryan Downton, a former officer in River River State, said the company had approximately 2.7 million dollars. Most service providers, doctors and other vendors are listed as creditors.