A new test of modern testing may pass Medicare, says Grassley

A new test of modern testing may pass Medicare, says Grassley

Senate Senate Representative HHS estimates that a new report on Medicare's tests can pay billions of dollars more than necessary.

The House of Representatives, Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), this week closed the HHS Secretary Alex Azar and the CMS Administrator Seema Verma on a state government report report in November that demanded CMS methods to calculate the new price.

The CMS launched a new draft schedule in the first year after the 2014 amendment of the House of Assembly for payment of payments. Medicare's financial savings should be ignored since the government pays most test tests than vendors.

Grassley needs full CMS questions to plan the schedule, and asks the Azara and Verma to reply on February 6.

The Senate pointed out the importance of the GAO's new budget: new funding unsuccessful for the panel's tests. Currently that CMS has borrowed a subscription, Medicare can boost about $ 10.3 billion, says GAO.

"The cost is estimated to be a result of this decision," Grassley said.

CMS said to the GAO that the agency still attempts to prove that it is capable of keeping this process.

Another issue of Grassley's focus is on CMS's recommendation to set up new subsidies on the average Medicare payment rate. He realized that because of this decision the federal government had already paid more tests than it had done under the previous system.

On the one hand, CMS has built a new budget system in the bank after the government failed to collect information from any of its rooms. HHS shows an effort to address this with additional reports, writes Grassley, but "no guarantee whether this effort has been yet."

Medical laboratories did not succeed last year at an estimated $ 4 billion budget over the next decade.

Following a report by the GAO in November, the trade union representative representing these laboratories demolished the findings of "misunderstandings and inequalities," indicating "misunderstandings of inaccuracies in the workplace. experts have been rebuilding seats. "

In response to the need to comment on Grassley's issue on the subject, the American Press Agency's Journal of Journalism spoke with the statement by Julie Khani.

"Over the last two years, clinical laboratories have continued to reduce the cost spent in one year from the results of the Medicare Medical Center and Medicaid," Khani said. "It is time for the government and the Senate to address these issues of PAMA conflict that continue to threaten access to the struggle for survival and the medical examination of the elderly."

The US hospital is not known for a large number of US hospitals. The Healthcare Company estimates that the industry has donated $ 87 billion in 2017, and that the report has been estimated to have estimated $ 75 million in 2016.

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