7 HRT Light Transport

7 HRT Light Transport

For many women, menopause can offer new health challenges. In addition to the symptoms that affect the basic quality of their lives such as colds, headache, sweating, and irritation, menopause also relates to the high risk of health concerns such as osteoporosis, decreased intelligence, metabolism. This has developed a common treatment aimed at changing the treatment of Menopause-hormones, or HRT-billion dollars.

A few weeks ago, I searched for the advantages & disadvantages of the HRT. It has a fact, but not everyone. Today is for those people. Tell them you were walking on the HRT research screen and prefer another way. Or you may have actually tried the normal HRT or you realized that it did not work for you. For any reason, you may be interested in using "natural" products if you can push it and if it really will help.

Is there any other treatment for HRT that actually works?

Of course, there is.

Black Cohosh

In cats of North America, black cohab is often used to treat various conditions, including watery diarrhea and other arthritis, flu, fever, drowsiness, itching, fatigue, and back. They use it to help babies sleep and reduce kidney problems. In the mid-20th century, she found Europe to treat women's hormonal problems. Modern smartphone research is central to the menopause problem:

It is very effective in feeling hot, lowering the grade and the amount.

It improves the signs that describe the quality of sleep (the heat exchanger may not really hurt).

It improves the sensitivity of the insulin, which often results in menopause.

It improves the early menopausal symptoms of the board, leading to a reduction of 12.9 points in the Climate Cluster (basic metabolic rate in menopause).

In one of these studies, a black cow is similar to the usual HRT to reduce menopausal symptoms and the best way to reduce anxiety, bleeding in women, and breastfeeding.

Here is a large black product.


Its Peru neighborhood was originally used as a green vegetable (like beetle or beetle), as well as artificial materials such as aphrodisiac and simple lighting. Among the warriors who have been used to using the first aid to combat the war. Today, we know it is a toolkit – a substance that helps the immune system handle stress, rather than one side or another.

2011 review of the evidence of the evidence found that the benefits of menopause prevention. Recently, Maca has demonstrated the power to reduce depression and menopausal women's blood pressure. Previously, Maca helped women with paralysis to protect women and menopausal women from returning to their sexual activity and reducing depression and anxiety.

What's going on here? According to a study in 2005, a decrease in hormone hormone increases the luteinate hormone for postmenopausal women, which increases the production of estrogen and progesterone.

Make sure you purchase cooked juice, which is what it uses to learn.

Red Clover

Modern green flowers are a source of growth & # 39; isoflavones & # 39; estrogen-like compounds & # 39; which deal with our skin tone and reduce the number of menopause.

Twelve weeks of red bottoms have cut off the menopause scores in half (good!).

Twelve weeks greatly reduces the intensity and frequency of heat and night sweat. In addition to some probiotics there are similar effects.

Green plants also improve the body's structure and vaginal movement (again) to improve menopause symptoms and triglycerides.

Feeling more, there is reason to believe that these can reduce the risk of breast cancer and increase the mineral density of menopausal women.

Here is a list of dummies.

Then there are seedlings and seedlings with limited space.


Ginseng has restricted application periods. It improves sexual performance, and Korean ginseng seems to support libido and reduce the overall heat of the summer, but ginseng species do not reduce brain stress, improve the thickness of the skin, or reduce the heat.

Here are some red color schemes in Korean. Here are some ginseng.

At night

It is good for summer lighting, which looks like to improve things like integration and sex, but that's about it.

Here are some oils & # 39; oil & # 39; oil.

St. John Wort

Remember you John Wort as a tree treatment for such cases such as depression and anxiety, but also benefits from some of the symptoms of menopause.

One study, 3 months in the middle of the middle of St. Paul John Wort helped with perimenopausal women from three hot summers and one hot day, a good sleep, with quality of life. Another, it took 8 weeks to St. John Wort Both women perimenopausal and postmenopausal women to reduce their constant and severe burns. Researchers are also integrated with black cohesion to successfully treat hypothermia.

This is a good thing.


It is used for centuries to treat menopause. These days, we know that they are included in the estrogen-free drops of phytosterols with the menopausal women's share.

Try this.

Before you go to your Amazon card by following the drugs and starting to push powder and pills, however, make sure you make the right move.

Talk to your doctor about the process methods described today. Discuss discussions with pharmaceutical consultations and even if you take it. Make sure you write down the references.

Reduce variables. Do not start anything from this article. Start with one.

Do not diminish the ability of plants. Because something is "botanical" or "botanical" does not mean it is completely bad for all medicines.

That is today, they are people. Be careful, and make sure you write down.

Have you ever used plants or botany to treat menopause? If so, what does it do? What was it?


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