7 Diet Diet Drugs

7 Diet Diet Drugs

Vegetarian food – commonly known as "kettle" – has become a great phenomenon in the disadvantaged scheme, but recently like shops such as Jenna Jameson, Mama Yuni, and Halle Berry. Food involves improving the process of recovering carbohydrates, up to 50 grams a day or so, to help the body achieve a brain, and burn it (instead of sugar) for energy.

Doctors say starch can help to combat epilepsy; It is not correct why, but something about the ketogenic state may reduce the risk. Animal research shows that eating can get old, anti-inflammatory, and cancer.

But as a major loss-loss of the program, it is far worse. Some health experts have warned him in general, indicating the harm to the sick, the risk of health, and the unsafe conditions. Even many believe that if food does not work "the right way," it can be safe.

Here are some things you should know about the diet of the ketogenic before you try it as a losing weight. Yes, you can download money, but take care of what's going on or problems.

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The "frozen fever"

"Some people reported that when they started ketosis, they felt they were sick," said Kristen Kizer, RD, a nurse in the Houston Methodist Medical Center. "Sometimes it can be abortion, concern for the gastrointestinal, much suffering, and discomfort." This so-called exercise is much more than a few days, she said.

Josh Ax, a physician and veterinary physician, estimates that about 25 percent of people who try to eat delicious food are seeing these symptoms, as fatigue is most common. "This is because your body is out of sugar for a burnt offering for energy, and it starts to use the oil," he said. "These changes are enough to make your body fatigue for a few days."

You may reduce the damage caused by excessive drinking and sleep loss. Ax, who sells the content of the web site, also recommends adding natural components and energy to fatigue, such as matcha green tea, coffee, or plants.


If you see yourself running to the bathroom more often during the ketogenic meal, a great internet search will show you that you are not alone. (Yes, people are tweeting about diseases.) This can be because of the gallbladder-bacteria that produce bile to help break the fat in the diet it is used "," said Ax.

Diarrhea may be due to lack of fiber in the diet, Kizer said, which can happen when someone returns to the car (such as bread and breadfruit) and does not supplement with other nutrients, such as vegetables. It can also lead to a lack of tolerance for dairy or productive things that you can eat more than once you have changed into a fatty acne.

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Reduce the drama

Some players swear by eating, not just for loss but for good sports in sports, as well as on sports. But Edward Weiss, PhD, a professor of food and food professor at Louis Louis University, did not buy. "I've heard cyclists say that when they are fast and better now they're out of control, and the first question is," So, what weight did you miss? " Imagine it.

In the recent study in Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, Weiss and his colleagues found out that the participants had a bad job on heavy cycles and operations after four days on nutrition, compared with those who spent four days on a big meal. Weiss suggests that the body is in acidic conditions while in the body of ketosis, which can limit its ability to grow in growth levels.

"Just like a little money just because you're not really smart on the bike, but I'm worried that people relate to the loss of loss for something essential in the diet of ketogenic," Weiss said. "In fact, the loss of weight loss can be at least reversed by decline in the work."


If you have the same diabetes or 2 types, do not follow the diet unless you have the approval of your doctor and care center, Kizer said. "Ketosis can help people with hyperglycemia problems, but you have to maintain blood pressure and look glucose levels several times a day," she said.

That is because, for people with diabetes, ketosis can cause a bad condition called ketoacidosis. This occurs when the body stores the ketones-acid which is produced by extraction of aroma – and blood becomes an acidic acid, which can damage the liver, kidneys, and brain. Left left, may be lower.

Ketoacidosis is also reported in humans without diabetes that eat nutritious foods, although this conflict is difficult. Diseases of ketoacidosis include dry dryness, urination, heart attack, severe breathing, and breathing problems; If you face this while eating, go to the doctor in the future.

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The card is coming back

Because eating a restaurant is very stressful, scientists say that food should not last for a long time. (Even if Ax says it's good to spend 30 to 90 days, and then continue to eat more.) But the problem is, Kizer says, that most people will regain their loss if they they come back on carbs.

"It's a problem with every diet, but it's considered to be extra with ketosis," Kizer said. "When people tell me they want to try it because of a poor friend, I tell them, Just look, I'm almost sure they will get everything." # 39; "

These future growth costs can help in eating bad food, Kizer said, or can continue to develop a relationship with illness. "I think this meal has called for people who are having problems with their area management and eating," she said. "And in many cases, what they need is a boat coach or expert consultant to help participate in these issues."

Less muscle deficiency, reduce the amount of metabolism

Another result of the removal of the mold can be a muscle loss, says Kizer-especially if you eat more food than protein. "You will lose weight, but it can be a lot of muscle," she said, "and because the muscle burns more calories than fat, this will affect your health."

When a person ate ketogenic diet and then regained their natural weight, often wrong, he said Kizer: Instead of recovering the muscle, you will recover fat. "Now you're returning your burden, but you do not have the old mushroom to burn the calories you've already done," she said. "This can have a lasting impact on your energy, and over time."

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The risk of heart disease and diabetes

Ax says that, when appropriate, eating ketogenic includes many vegetables and nutrients. In other words, it is not an excuse to eat butter and ham-even though some people may try to do so.

That is why most health experts are concerned about people's eating habits, especially those who have tested it without the guidance of a doctor or a physician. Doctors say that such a great diet can raise cholesterol, and some studies show that they have increased the risk of diabetes. Some even call it a "nightmare".

This week, studies conducted in the European Trade Union in Munich show that people on most-carb foods are most likely to die from cancer, blood condition, and other factors. Another study, published this month in Lancet, and found that people who followed the diet of the car and the high in animal protein have the highest risk of death in the first place compared to those who have been subjected to excessive acne. (The fact is true, however, for small carb cells that use protein on meat and breeding.)

"Whether you are in campus or camp or camp, everyone accepts that we want to eat nutritious food," Ax said: "Vegetables, vegetables, spices, and basic medicines. nutrients, too. "

"If not, you're promoting the disease in your body-it's easy," said Ax. (And in fact, this is true even if you still lose weight at the beginning.) "If you eat butter and ham," he said, "I want you to do nothing."