6 vegetables you have to try

6 vegetables you have to try

root vegetables are edible portions of plants that grow underground, but these nutritious healthy foods are looking for their way into the spotlight and healthy ingredients on the plate. Carrots are the most familiar root dish-we eat long, orange bottoms, rather than the top of the green leaves. These six other roots, such as carrots, rich flavors and nutrients, they are ideal for slow cooking in diet dishes that warm you in a cool autumn day. Here’s why every healthy supplement to your diet plan and some ideas to enjoy them:

1. Beet
root dish

Most of us are aware of the dark red roots, although you can also find the varieties that are striped white inside and some have golden skin and meat.

All natural sweet beets are the ingredients in the table sugar-but they are low to medium in glycemic indexso even if you want to lose weight, you can enjoy them.
Nutrisystem Category: vegetables
Nutrition Facts: a cup of raw beets have 58 calories, 3.8 grams of fiber, 13 grams of complex carbohydrates, 22 mg of calcium and 44

2 mg potassium.
Try: Beet salad with arugula and goat cheese blended with the root of the sweet and pepper greens and the creamy texture of the cheese.

When you bake beets, sugar is caramel, giving them a deeper, richer taste.

2. Windproof grass

They look like large, white carrots, they have a similar mild sweet taste and crisp texture.

When cooked, the windproof grass becomes very tender and even sweeter.
Nutrisystem classification: smartcarb
Nutritional facts: half a cup of wind grass only 50 calories, but also give you 3.3 grams of fiber, 250 mg of potassium,

And more than 10% of vitamin C, folic acid and manganese.
Try: steamed mud and windproof grass for low-fat, creamy soup laid a solid foundation.

Cut the original windproof grass into a “stick” and bake it in an oven with a pinch of oil, salt and pepper to make crisp fries.

3. Radish

a round bulb shape a bit like a big radish, radish usually has purple top and white bottom, but some varieties are white. The interior of both is milky color. They tasted light and spicy.

When shopping, look for smaller radish, more tender than the larger.
Nutrisystem Category: vegetables
Nutrition Facts: in a cup of raw radish, you get 36 calories, 2.3 grams of fiber, 27 mg of vitamin C, no fat

Fatty or cholesterol.
Try: instead of ordinary mashed potatoes, try cooked radish with applea sweet and spicy weight loss combination that just might become a new family favorite.

Don’t throw green tops in the trash-they’re also rich in nutrients and they taste delicious.

4. turnips
sometimes referred to as Swedes or turnips, kale is a hybrid made of radish and cabbage. Turnips are mild and spicy, but become sweeter when cooked.

It looks a bit multi-section, but it has a smooth starch texture.
Nutrisystem classification: vegetables
Nutrition Facts: in a cup of raw vegetables, you get 52 calories, 3.2 grams of fiber, 60 mg of calcium, 35 mg of

Vitamin C, and 427 mg of potassium.
Try: with its sturdy texture, kale lays a solid foundation of vegetable tarts made from potatoes, carrots and garlic layers.

For a hearty, healthy side dish, use mustard and dill turnips and bake them to tenderness.

5. turnips
The spherical appearance of the head dish may be light green or dark purple, but the inside is white.

Like its cousin cauliflower, the turnip has a mild pepper flavour.
Nutrisystem classification: vegetables
Nutrition Facts: a cup of raw vegetables have 36 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and 83 mg of vitamin C, 472 mg of potassium,

And a lot of vitamin A.
Try: You can eat big head vegetables, cut into salads or grind into your favorite cabbage. Add the cubes of the turnips to vegetable soupThey become tender after slow cooking.

Mix the big head with eggs and a little flour to make your family enjoy the tasty fritters.

6. celery

also known as celery root or knob celery, celery is a variety of celery cultivated for its edible roots. Although celery will not win a vegetable beauty contest, its fragrance is fresh and sweet, and when boiled its scent has a fragrance that may remind you of Thanksgiving dinner in the oven.

The palate is a gentle, soft herb fragrance that makes it an ideal companion for stronger flavours.
Nutrisystem Category: vegetables
Nutrition Facts: in a cup of raw celery, you get 66 calories, 2.8 grams of fiber, 67 mg of calcium, 12.5 mg

of vitamin C and 468 mg of potassium.
Try: The smooth texture of the celery (after peeling the rough skin) lent its own mud, can be used to add flavor and nutrients soup and stews.

Bake with pears and make a sweet side dish for grilled fish or turkey breasts.

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