6 Tips for Extra Belly Lights

6 Tips for Extra Belly Lights

Weight can change your whole look, helping you feel good about yourself and your well being. But even when you stick to your weight loss plan and consistently shed extra pounds, belly fat will compromise your results. How do you get the stretch you want? Fight the stomach and shake your stomach while avoiding these common causes:

1. Eating Fast

When you feel hungry, you may be more eager to satisfy your appetite to starve your food. But when you fast, you are likely to swallow a lot of air along with food. Your air can be visibly affected by your stomach. Excess air will pass or dissolve in the end, but for several hours it can leave you with swollen glands.

Bonus: Taking the time to chew your food and eat it slowly allows you to enjoy the food more, studies show, discouraging excess.

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2. Eating gum
There are many reasons for chewing gum. It can slow your breathing, reduce dry mouth and even reduce hunger. But when you chew gum – or suck hard candy – you will swallow more than you would otherwise drink. And since there is no food to swallow, you take in more air when you eat.

3. Soda Drink
Carbonation makes fizzy drinks fun, but bubbles can cause stomach pains. Even sodium salts or low-calorie sweeteners can produce it. Try to drink peppermint tea – hot or cold – because it helps digestion, and also reduces the risk of leaves. Do you want some help cutting out the soda? We can help!

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4. Using modern sweeteners
Sorbitol, xylitol and other sweeteners found in sugar-free foods are carbohydrates that some of you can complain about in your digestive tract, making you sick. If dessert is what you are interested in but want to lose weight, choose foods that are naturally sweet, like fruits. If you are looking to add a little sweetness to your cup of joe, sprinkle some Stevia, a non-calorie natural sweetener.

5. Eating Alcohol and Milk
Even people who do not have an allergy or an unsafe food may experience painful gases and stomachs when eating ordinary foods containing flour or milk. As your body gets older, its ability to digest wheat and dairy products can change dramatically, so the food you used to enjoy in the past can make you feel uncomfortable. If you find that your stomach slightly worsen after eating one of these foods, try to limit the role food to find out if they are making a positive impact in your midst.

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6. Greetings
Salt is important for your health, but too much can cause your body to have water and make your stomach look bigger. Salt in your table is not just about sodium in your diet – processed foods can add a lot of sodium to your diet. When shopping at the store, check the product labels to make sure they, like the Nutrisystem program, are aligned with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) recommendation on the total number of adults – 2,300 milligrams or less sodium per day. Grab the skin with the ingredients of a dietary supplement with Nutrisystem foods here.

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