6 Reasons to Forgive Today

6 Reasons to Forgive Today

If we grow old age, we put the stars pop star & # 39; or come from a sunny day with the usual music or jazz pieces, most of us use music like different for different reasons. And when we do so, we are wise. That's right, when it comes out. Music is good for your health. Many developments suggest that it can be a prescription for everything from depression to the end to the exercise program.

Many of these studies focus on music therapy, based on research-based learning that individuals spend more than 1000 hours of training. For example, music practitioners, for example, were working with Congresswoman Gabby Giffords to help them recover their power after speaking out of a tactile tactic.

Other studies will look at the effects of music and musical instruments – a physical response, such as heart rate, blood pressure and blood levels of stress hormone or immune symptoms. These suggest that many people, music treatments can be very effective in dealing with your problems.

Here are some reasons you might like to hit the team:

1. It improves your mood.
One of these studies with an older group in Singapore, listening to music by choosing 30 minutes per week for eight weeks has lower levels of depression than those who do not listen to music. In fact, the music club's disappointment happened every week. They may work, they say experts: Music can stimulate a feeling of emotional mindset in the minds and senses to help you get your "memories" again.

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2. It can make you healthy.
Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, PhD, author This is your brain, and his colleagues at McGill University in Canada inspected more than 400 studies on the impact of music. They found that the music list enhances the immune system that supports antivirus bacteria and viruses.

3. It helps reduce stress and anxiety.
When you are worried, your body produces a cortisol hormone that can be measured by simple blood or saliva testing. These tests are for researchers to discover that music can slow down the levels of stress in recent studies. Some also looked at heart rate and blood pressure, which can boost when you are having anxiety and worry. For example, in one study of 60 people, Mozart, Strauss or ABBAs were equally reduced to cortisol, though only Mozart and Strauss translated translations lower their blood pressure and blood pressure. Another review of more than 30 studies by Joke Bradt of Drexel University has found that patients with muscle tone or music music have expressed concern. (You may want to listen to the reduction of your dog's dog. A recent study has found that the dogs have insisted that they have an animal protection animal while listening to Vivaldi's "Four Seasons."

4. It can give you happiness.
In fact, McGill's 2011 study found that an exciting music dopamine stimulates the brain, which involves the brain's reward system. It is the same chemical that is being stimulated when you eat, take a drug, or have sex and feel very happy.

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5. It can reduce the pain.
The joy you encounter when you listen to music actually tries to interfere with the symptoms of pain, again because of the dopamine chemicals. In one study, the researchers asked participants to listen to a variety of musical outcomes, some were judged to be happy, some, unsatisfactory. People who have been featured in musical instruments – "Blue Danube Waltz" by Strauss have been a bit of pain from listening to music (for example, a pendulum.) It is also important to lost music, found at the University of Utah 's Pain Research Center People who are really engaged in the music listening – have been asked to pay attention to music mistakes – they felt a bit of pain that people simply listened, though they were all getting power shock little!

6. You will be posting the exercise program – and perhaps even to lean until.
Including drug dealers, competitors from competitive competitions or those who are involved in the award or money are not allowed to listen to music while contesting, USA Track & Field, the administrative board for expulsion. Why? Listening to music has the "competition competition," they say. In fact, one of the researchers said, music is "the kind of legal, effective, effective drugs." Several studies, viewing a variety of exercise routes to carry out bicycles, one-on-one search, even for police!), "Oomph" people put on their work. They responded to the music movement. Other studies have found that people are likely to be more tired when they have music. It seems that the brain does not focus on music and technical signs saying, "I need a break" at the same time.