500 million family doctors rely on flicker? Let the Family Health Consultant call the family doctor!

500 million family doctors rely on flicker? Let the Family Health Consultant call the family doctor!

As the end of 2017, the family doctor finally got fire.

However, this “fire” is not happy, and the reason for the family doctor’s “fire” begins with an article by Xinhua News Agency, “More than 500 million people in China have their own family doctors”. According to the report, more than 500 million people in the country have their own family doctors, with a population coverage rate of more than 35% and a coverage rate of over 65%.

According to the figures, five of the 14 Chinese have contracted family doctors. Netizens have expressed their disappointment. There are people who want to have two 500 million family doctors to go out and take two steps. They have questioned the data fraud. Some people say that the data is “ridiculous”. Some doctors say that even the patient’s door is not there. Know…

500 million family doctors rely on Fudge? Let the Family Health Consultant call the family doctor!

500 million family doctors rely on Fudge? Let the

500 million family doctors rely on Fudge? Let the

500 million family doctors rely on Fudge? Let

It is undeniable that in the family doctor contract service, “only signing up for no service” or “signing” should exist, but this is not the mainstream of the current family doctor signing tide. It is also undesirable to neglect the condemnation on the Internet and ignore the contribution and efforts of relevant units in China to promote graded diagnosis and treatment, thus ignoring the significance and role of family doctors.

The Status of China’s Population Ageing in 2017

At present, China’s population over 65 years old exceeds 140 million and is expected to increase to 2.3 by 2030. Billion. The United Nations is expected to: China will age more than the United States by 2030, and by 2050, the proportion of the elderly will exceed one-third. At the current rate, China will complete the 115-year aging process in France within 26 years.

In the elderly, chronic diseases account for 85% of deaths, and cardiovascular disease and cancer account for two-thirds of deaths. This figure is similar to that of most OECD countries (OECD) countries. Studies have shown that the family doctor service system can prevent accidents and even reduce mortality. Roberts, president of the American Academy of Family Physicians, said: “With a population of 10,000, if one expert doctor is added per 10,000 people, the mortality rate will increase by 2%. If the number of primary care providers is increased by the same proportion, For internal medicine, pediatrics and family health care, the mortality rate of the population has dropped by 5%. If the family doctors are increased by the same proportion, the mortality rate will drop by 9%.”

Chronic diseases require doctors and patients to deal with them frequently, so families Doctors may be able to provide higher quality services than doctors in large hospitals. “Familiarity with patients is more important than understanding the disease.” Roberts said that because the family doctors who have served as family members for generations are very familiar with the health of the members of the family they serve, they have insights into the specific conditions of the patients. Therefore, the establishment of a family doctor system is undoubtedly a good thing for the elderly.

I hope that the relevant departments attach importance to the establishment of a “professional family health advisor” system to completely solve the problem of family doctors “only sign up for non-service”

500 million family doctors rely on Fudge? Let the

In fact, the problems that have arisen in the signing service of family doctors at present, the problems that the majority of ordinary people care about are simply not in quantity but in “quality.”

In other words, the people don’t care how many family doctors sign up now, and only care about the feelings and experiences of their family doctors! A discerning person can see at a glance that its essence is a question of “upper” and “down” of a manager. If you only want to complete the task, “good performance is good”, of course, only concerned about how to report on “opposite”. If you really care about the interests of the people, then the family doctor signing service must sink, and “following” is more thoughtful. Pay attention to the “voice” of the people!

“A big night came over and said that it was a registered family doctor. After the registration is over, I will leave. Now I have never seen a doctor.”

“I am a doctor, I want to With more than a thousand signing patients, where are you busy?”

“The number of signings is a rigid rule in the province, because it is impossible to establish a graded diagnosis and treatment system if it does not reach a certain number of contracts.”

“We are also forced to do so. The masses do not have to buy accounts and must complete the task of higher-level assessment. Otherwise, the business expenses will not be settled.”

Overview of the people’s feedback The problem has caused the situation of “spoken words”, and the shortage of family doctors is an undisputed issue. That is to say, according to the current situation in China, there are not many family doctors to support the family doctor service system!

Generally speaking, the number of family doctors should be proportional to the number of permanent residents in the community. According to one statistics, there are less than 200,000 general practitioners trained in China, if they are calculated according to 500 million contracted users. A family doctor provides a family doctor service for at least 2,500 people! This ability, only every family doctor is “Sun Wukong” can do it.

The gap is so big, where does the family doctor come from? How does the family doctor service perform before providing more family doctors?

The answer can only be: Introducing a professional “family health consultant” between the family doctor and the user.

The “Family Health Consultant” is not a professional family doctor, but he can make up for the shortage of family doctors and let the people feel the existence and care of the “family doctor”!

The Family Health Consultant does not require a long “waiting period”, but is also a professional, qualified health professional

“Family Health Consultant” can Not a doctor, but from a health professional, a family health consultant can be a nurse, a dietitian, a health manager, a psychologist, or a retired physician.

Requirement for setting up Family Health Consultant

500 million family doctors rely on Fudge? Let the

“Family Health Consultant” does not do unqualified “questioning” and other services, but can be “mixed” for family doctors.

Free basic services including basic public health and basic medical care; provide personalized services such as “gradient structure, reasonable variety, distinctive features and rich content” for different groups of people such as the elderly and chronic diseases. Provide family doctors, expert appointments, remote consultations, health data records, chronic disease data monitoring, chronic disease management, chronic disease follow-up, maternal and child health care, family health management and other services.

The “Family Health Consultant” can respond to and respond to various situations in a timely manner, providing a “reference” for the service doctors, so that the people no longer feel “only contracted services”

The popularity of “family health consultants”

The current “family health consultants” are not traditional health consultants, and are placed in various community hospitals. It can fully cover the various types of groups by leveraging modern management methods and using the “Internet” to serve and make full use of intelligent mobile terminals. Let the home crowd at home, through the TV or mobile phone, you can face-to-face video chat with the family health consultants. The parents are worried about the shortcomings, and the popularity is quite easy!

This family health advisory group is actually a health advisory center. When the common people can’t find a family doctor, the health consultants will solve the various family doctors’ service demands of the ordinary people, so that the people can “require them to respond” instead of “getting cold.”

Let “Family Health Consultant” call for 500 million family doctors

In the Sichuan region, change the “national people” The phenomenon of going to western China, improving the medical environment, balancing medical resources, and rationally controlling medical expenses. Expanding coverage is only the first step, services must keep up, and doctors must keep up. The popularity and setting of health consultants may be the best solution at present.

If you have a question about the statistics of family doctors, don’t believe in family doctors. In the future, when our country is getting older, each of us will be inseparable from them.