5 Steps for Physical Fitness

5 Steps for Physical Fitness

It is totally NORMAL to cope with the physical condition of the body. It's NORMAL so you do not love what you see in the mirror or in the picture at any time.

Welcome to the club your partner.

But you do not have to stand in this place. You do not have to put the shameful and shameful stories about the bad behavior on the content.

Today I will share a way to help you eliminate a bad body about crocodile – so you can enjoy life with a wonderful life.

Because the world needs you.

This process depends on the work of many people in this area.

If you work slowly, it will be easier to run by coming out quickly.

Which reminds me – you'll enjoy. It's okay. Getting some of the body of a loved one nirvana like a mental reflection can be a day and a rainbow rainbow 24/7.

It's not true. It's not in fashion that makes READ more than we watch.

But small ways of bad thinking and moving them with kindness and compassion are enough.

So how are you doing?

  1. Make Entertainment

When your heart is increasing – and guilt and sadness and embarrassment are good – to be kind and kind to yourself.

It's okay.

It's fine.

There is nothing wrong.

Please do not confuse yourself to enjoy the body. It is not necessary to really love the love of your body at all times.

Put even if MORE small emotions on what you feel only cleans the fire – and makes us stuck in playing and inactivity.

  1. Get Centered

Remember: this is not an urgent thing. Although it sounds like an emergency. Nailed it. I was there. I was JUST there. Today. In yoga.

Exit is just one – wanting to repair it right now! And repair it currently looks like a dietary diet. Or eating no other day. Or get on paper for 2 hours. Googling lose 20 pounds within 7 days.

Please do not.

Bomb reality: What only changed is your mind. Before what happened, you were OK. You're still Okay.

  • See the picture from your holiday
  • Look at the mirror
  • Someone put you on Facebook
  • The friend has lost 20 pounds
  • You're wearing a junk jeans
  • Compare yourself to someone else

This incident led to the move – and we can control our thinking right now, right now.

  1. Look out

When we understand how we got to this point. When we understand why we feel like our body is a problem (it does not have) – it's easy to work through it.

Start by creating the sound you hear.

I feel …

  • Unattractive
  • Is not good
  • Unworthy
  • Good
  • Was embarrassed
  • Sad
  • Flush

Our own emotions help us to implement them.

As children, we are often told to keep our mind, to drink, to be strong, to succeed. As a result, when faced with dangers we are often opposed to resisting them. We are pushing them. We are shy for enjoyment.

Your friends are worthwhile. Both. And they can teach you the lessons you are developing.

Continue to handle.

Why do you feel so? What led this? Is there an example? Does this happen often when you're with someone – or in any situation?

If we can identify the signs, we can prepare ourselves before time.

Hmm, when I was near and my cousins, I had a serious human impact.

Good know.

Now – ask yourself what you are really need at this time.

What you are not at You need an hour to explore the new diet or watch your pictures when you measure the ground.

We did all this, right? I know I have. And he feels worried.

What are you really need?

  • Hug?
  • To go to share yourself?
  • Podcast podcast?
  • Strong words from a trusted friend or partner?
  • To get your hands dirty in your garden?

Give yourself what you need.

  1. Be a Heart

When we are in a bad place, changing for the enjoyment of our body is a challenge. Do it just by applying the inequality (or a little enjoyment).

Find mantra for personal and repatriation with you. One is honest.

What do you need to hear? What is the wise friend + who will help you?

Some of the verses …

I do not need to fix this.

This is not an emergency.

The body is a tool, not a jewelry.

I will not be like anyone else.

  1. Thanks

Try to show appreciation for what your body can do.

Functions on the process.

Thank you for the gift of opportunity (to do yoga or to protect or watch the sun or laugh).

Thank you for the opportunity to catch the people I want.

Thank you for the opportunity to feel the smell of this candle (whether in the air or the petunias aroma).

Thank you for giving me a chance to enjoy this enjoyment.

Thank you for the opportunity to explore new drinking places.

Whenever you are doing these steps it will be easier to get rid of your wand. It will be easy to see when it's going. It will be easy to be kind + and kind to yourself.

Your body is more or less decorative to decorate this world.

Your body is a tool.

Another tool for controlling evil and magic.

And the world needs your magic.

More than ever.

XO ~ Robyn

Drinking with one partner with me? It will be a great honor to work with you when and when the time is right.

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