5 Signs You're Self-Emotional

5 Signs You're Self-Emotional

Are you anxious 'no?' Comfortable food? Or is it a cheap oven? Do not be shy. Many people, sensitivity and food are moderate, it is difficult to differentiate between eating food and feeding your feelings.

So the word "sensitive food."

There are two types of greasy and physical. Mental hunger is the need to eat when hunger is not present. It is a symbol of feeding food.

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The food was served. Food comes from many hormones and chemicals that play our brain, sending us emotional, joy and light. According to the National Institute of Health, the release of dopamine, which operates in the relaxation center of the brain. For a long time? The food gives us some good.

Although the studies suggest that people with physical (BMI) body weight or fatty foods often refer to food such as blockage, which is why it is so "chicken and egg" ; There is a debate that involves confusion or weight gain first.

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As with many foods, sensory eating is a medical complaint. It is clear that eating outside your physical needs can result in a very heavy weight. And excess weight increases from the increased risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and others. The intestines of the diet can also develop when emotional hunger is accompanied by spikes and cleaning. But the symptoms are not always very clear or clearly.

How do you know if you are sensitive to throat?

Here are five common guidelines for emotional sensitivity:

1. You Have Food for You When You Can Be Threatened by a Dance

Write on this one of the comforts or comfort food.

Feeling hard is, well, hard. Anxiety can cause stress hormones to develop. First of all, stress can reduce your appetite, but when stress persists, hormones are released which can increase your hold. During a long time of stress, food can be high regardless of the physical or nutritional needs.

Unfortunately, carrots and celery rods may not be enough to satisfy your appetite for your weight. Researchers have gotten hungry because of their gratitude. People like ice cream and biscuits, salad and broccoli.

2. How to Avoid Survival While You Work or Study

The biggest issue of emotional hunger is that we eat more than usual, which puts us at risk for weight. Psychologists call this uncontested prejudice. While they are performing a task like learning or working on a bigger project, we can let them tired and hungry. Hormones are crazy and send them to their brain to request food in your brain. We eliminate the whole bag of chips, box or lard of soda. We are doing the rest of the pizza or elbows ourselves to the deepest bowl of oil. The calorie calories calculation leads to fat. The high consumption of sodium causes hypertension. Fertilizers are treated with the risk of heart disease. An unhealthy food, without visible innocent, can be dangerous to our health.

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3. You are going to eat the food you are in

The American Psychological Association found in 2012 that when the stimulation was added to the sensual diet it became the most emotional sensation at the time of eating. The test may be particularly appetite, too. Research shows that people with boring eat a delicious salad and snack. Eating this food will release chemicals like chemicals that are released from certain drugs. As a drug, food effect creates stable, quiet. That is why we wait for food when they are little. Like all kinds of eating habits, eating because boring produces extra calories, it may significantly increase the weight. Even with anxiety or depression, boring eating can be the actual weight of the weighing weight or quickly jump over the weight.

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4. You can hide what you eat

But why? Emotional hunger feels quickly. It's right. We make bad choices. We eat a lot. This causes emotional distress. Punishment can then create a feeling of humor, which can increase the flow of blood. The National Food Society refers to confidential behavior such as eating alone, hiding or preparing foods such as natural food behavior.

Shame and sinful are a great feeling. A 2014 study showed that the emotional disturbance associated with the stresses in the major stages of women in terms of stress was the only one.

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5. You eat when you are worried

We all worried about: a new job, a big game, a very strong community … A study in 2012 showed that high levels of stress in college women depended on information about eating up the attention. At the beginning of the semester, the anxiety was high, with new classrooms, new faces and new changes. Of course, the sense of appetite was at the peak of the time, with university students cope with this concern.

So far since 1957, research has confirmed that itching can be an easy way to minimize unsatisfactory stress. To resolve the issue even more, high-end foods can make the skin feel bad and heavier. Hence, the bird's anchor and anxiety circles are in the movement.

Eat eating, irrespective of the source, is certainly anxiety. In the long run, it is even more difficult to get off. The key is looking for new ways to resolve downward pressure, anxiety and humor, which are not involved in food.

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At the next time your emotional experience is on the surface, attach it to your bed and the outer outer head very soft. Many studies show that participating in aerobic exercise can help reduce tiredness, emotional stimulation, sleep improvement and improve self-esteem. The best part? You can experience anxiety attack after five minutes of aerobic exercise. Or, avoid eating snacks and searching for the radio. Research suggests that music listening can improve your mood and reduce pressure levels. (Investigate this article even for additional reasons for today's standards).

Have a pet? Cash in extra time. Research suggests that the limited time of the animal can help boost your mood and reduce your perforation. Would you like even more reason to prevent your pet's pet? We have seen this article: 8 Your Reasons to Have a Good Health Therapist.

Other strategies to prevent food looga sense? Try to call a friend to discuss how you feel, or respond to this cleaning process. And, if you know you can not be sure that you can not sit up for a snack, be sure to choose a healthy type of racial. If you have ice cream then try one of the "Cream Nice" foods. If dry, oils have your heart, try to do it yourself chips veggie or potatoes. You can also store Nutrisystem foods you like, so you have got healthy health choices when you want to stop working. Here is a list 20 Most common Nutrisystems and Sweets.