5 questions about the preparation of new drugs

5 questions about the preparation of new drugs

President Donald has set out last Thursday to try to eliminate the drug's drug, suggesting that he use Medicare B's medical system that will change the amount of drugs and how doctors pay for the drugs. He has commentators, experts, consultants and technicians; politicians who praised and accused the program.

But it also has everyone to find out more. Here's a list of five questions about the new mood.

1. Will the international symbol be good?

Researchers expect to stop the chip will follow along with the following part of the system: the pricing of drug Medicare B for external pricing for this drug, which is much easier. This process ignores the lower brain memory and relies on the regulatory system of foreign governments.

"International dialogue with the first US President of the United States and the political message, and in this case we believe that CMS uses international rates as it has suitable for dialogue with experts,

2. HHS could stop Big Pharma from playing the new system?

Even if CMS is connected with drugs to other countries' price signs, consumers can contract to pay foreign exchange rates and use funds that reduce the cost of drug abuse worldwide. Secretary HHS, Alex Azar, told the audience at the Brookings Center in Washington on Friday that the agency had received a data base for a clear price, which could be used to suspend time

these projects.

The doubters do not think this is enough.

"If 15 countries are trying to use the system in this way, it is impossible for police officers," said Benedic Ippolito of the US Trade Center Center.

3. Will the program look like Obama's failure to succeed in B?

Obviously, Azar said. Secretary HHS commented on Friday that Obama's proposal did not apply to the sales prices on the ground.

The Obama administration has decided to cut off traders with a high price and 6%, or 4.3% under Medicare sequester-for drugs that buy and care for patients.

The car is rather than a budget based on a non-reliability. It will be calculated according to treatment calculations. Azar emphasized that this process should be coordinated with the international statistics plan.

"Of course, what he is trying to do is look at" Obama's democracy, "said Martin Fiedler of the Brookings Commission, who works on Obama's democracy. "If your goal is to weaken advocates for selectors to choose lower-income people, then the results are correct."

4. Gifts will print something?

"We will do this work to doctors and hospitals," said the Prime Minister at the Brookings Mission on Friday, as he promised they would continue to be.

Secretary HHS added that freezing from the drug price is the key. He wants to work with the donor organizations and find out how to get the job to work. Funding organizations joined forces to help revive US B's anti-government protests.

Critics and critics of the program agree that the Department of Medicare B B needs a significant cleaning and that it is a serious problem for the patients.

5. Is this a step toward settling the drug problem Medicare?

Democrats have shown that they want to work together and jump on drug pricing. But most of them like Medicare to negotiate the price-one of Azar's days would not agree.

Azar states that the international signal holds a number of experts in the driver's seat because he has special skills to consult with foreign governments.

But the House Democrats treat the Football Committee on drug abuse with serious pharmaceuticals and this process is the first signal that can control the price on the table.