37 | Further Assistance

37 | Further Assistance

I was writing a birth certificate since I was thirty. The last few years were not easy, but this year I felt like I was particularly sensitive to the time and agony about the arrival of June 7th. Not to be so tired and tired – it's not the best way to write.

Then I received email, from the blog reader who shared the birthday. On the day of her birth, she asked me to have her wisdom, or advice. My first case was to make a quoutical criticism: "if only," "I would like," etc.

When this reaction was taken, I thought about what I would like to convey to younger sister or a friend. Or even small ones. And that is, when it comes out, is rich. As I have a lot of wisdom, but even because of the 'water & water' I have given me an opportunity to show what I think is important and worth it.

Here are what I found:

One of the best things you can do now, as soon as possible, or whenever you can, you must learn how to be friendly with your body. It's never too early, and never did it, though there is nothing that you did not post it, it's this.

One day – and increasingly you get older – you will know that your body is the most powerful alliance. There will be times when it appears that you are the only allies you have. In the early years and years old, it becomes very big and very bad, you can look back at times when you are not working to protect its power. I do.

Some body. Be kind. Prepare his need for mercy and love. Do not try to lower it because you think it will be beautiful if there is less. Do not block your efforts to stand up. Listen. Instead of trying to control it, check if you can not allow it to take control of you and guide you. You will be upset by that.

Do not stay on the idea of ​​getting the right "anytime" at any time – the disagreement we call on completing. You will not be able to avoid mistakes. You will not be anyone you meet. You will not be able to find life in the world without anyone hurt, including and especially your loved ones.

I would like to know soon, for many reasons. First of all, because the taste is not something that is competitive or too busy. It is absolutely true that we can not be all Muslim and immediately. If you want to volunteer, then you will need to complete the full (full, meaning many things that come up with me). You will need to be depressed sometimes, so you can be silent and live with them. You will need to allow other people to see you as you are: a very beautiful and integrated person.

Being overall means the risk of living and loving life and becoming vulnerable. It will be painful for a long time. But most of the time you try to avoid, most of the time you are trying to control your own by trying to be a good and honest one, it's going to be a hard time to release. And what you may not know now is that there is no pain that you can do to others than in the wrong they are not able to give it to.

Learn when you work hard, and when not. Learn how to reduce effort and facilitate. Do you read the latest news on Sunday? I am just now, 37 years old, learning how to try hard times.

Try hard to get tired. It will prevent you from learning how to distinguish between what is important and what is not. It will be far away from others, without hesitation. Learn how to save your energy when you can. Little comfort. Take the risk to pay more than 70% effort, and a bit less. You will be wondering where you will create it so you can be very honest and self-reliant on everything at the right time.

Speaking of relaxation, do this. It's easy to work hard and burn candles when you're too young, but I promise you that there is no excitement about touching the ground.

If the exercise comes to you easily, and you have never done it, start learning about yourself. It can start activities, such as listening to some types of music, getting a walk, gardening or nature, finding physical work, laughing at a friend, or watching a TV show you enjoy. Everything you can do will teach you how easy it is, do, and do it again. Learn how to get a sense of concentration.

Feeling is what is most important to me and I know. You think you need only when it is good or bad, but in fact, it can help you stay connected to what's happening. Some people move easily. Others, like me, like me, quiet and rest are a matter of time and practice.

In the growth, I was able to call "old age." I am still in another way. I spent the majority of years and college years, my friends, my dear friends, older friends, and loved ones, maybe I thought it was important for me to show my life as soon as I could .

There is nothing to regret. Our elders have everything that teaches us. But, when I was 28 years old I moved to Washington DC. a wild search for a doctor, I suddenly forced myself to rely on people under ten years of age. I did not save school from graduation without them, these children. They found my program when I crossed the bridges, but more important, they taught me the hope, resilience, and flexibility. I am parents high school, almost ten years later, and my friends are still younger than me. Almost all around them are around the heart. It teaches me to be discouraged and open and accept what I do not know.

People who have lived more than you have have a lot to learn. People in your age, and younger, have many things to learn, too. Try to learn from everybody, at any time.

For a long time I refused to respect the idea of ​​sadness. I left as I did, but in fact, it came from the opposite. My fear is that I am regretted everything that I do with my terror and I acknowledge that I found something wrong, and that nothing was accepted.

One day you will be 37, and you will find that you are sad. First, you may not see this bad thing. It's really good to say what you want to do, or a few things, different. Things I study are just the same as how you want to restore your history, or review your choices. It-or-can be a form of recognition that is proficient.

There are many things I would like to change in small life. Wonderful ways and the kind of thing I would like to be open for five, ten, fifteen years ago. Hold up – like thinning, boring spaces, and joblessness-that I would like to spend some time. Relationships I would like to finish soon.

At the moment, one of my creams is that I want to start thinking seriously about cooperation and friendship seven years ago, when my friends often think about them and seek a goal. I would like to have some self-confident self-esteem, a little bit more confident about my own family. The feeling was always, but felt it was threatening me, as most of my activities were always on (soft: another word that shows a lot).

We are now looking for friendships, but it is harder to use, for different reasons. I'm not sure why it's happening for a long time. What I know is that I do not come up with a bad idea of ​​how long I would like to have a cooperation with my choices. So it is not really the same as how we regret it, we always make the best of what we have and where we are. But life is a time, and time is too fast when you expect it. Never did you say you're sorry, you really care about your depression, or you know clearly how you would like to do something differently.

For some time, you will find that life is not gone as planned. It does not mean small things: I mean big things. It may feel frightening, alone, or even can make you feel embarrassed. At that time, it is important to listen to people-friends, family, teachers, poetry, poetry, the home-tell you, even though it looks as it looks, you're exactly where you need it. You do not need to believe if you do not. Just listen.

And, if life is thinking or exceeding your wildlife, it is always one thing you can do every day, every year, and every new birth: find something for you.

Begin with just a little. It may be early in the morning (for me, it does make me cheesecress, my expectation, bananas). You can see a valuable friend, change soft notes with one another, and sit down to write something useful to someone living somewhere long. It can move in a special way. It can be any popular: songs, dance, words, cooking, painting, drawing. It could be natural, or-if you're-it may be going on in a very, very, vulnerable, junction in New York City in June.

But look for something. When you say thank you, allow that softness at that time to remind you how much you have to thank. Life is difficult in many ways. But really it is fun, strange, and beautiful. You can count on honesty and experience with your eyes open to all the good things. Is there. It will always be.

Birthday, summer summer. I am older, I still learn how you are. Now, do not go to some vegan cake.


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