35% of cancers are related to diet, and you can quickly find out what anti-cancer foods are around you.

35% of cancers are related to diet, and you can quickly find out what anti-cancer foods are around you.

Scientific research found that 35% of cancer deaths are related to diet. Poor eating habits, insufficient intake of certain nutrients or excessive intake, food contamination by aflatoxins, nitroso compounds, etc., are related to the occurrence of tumors. With people’s awareness of cancer, how should we correct? Diet, anti-cancer and cancer prevention?

The seven essential nutrients for human body

are water, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, Lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Scientifically proven that excessive intake of carbohydrates refined starch or refined sugars will increase the risk of colorectal cancer; high-fat diet can induce lung cancer, endometrial cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer and other diseases; vitamin A deficiency Tumors, skin and gland tumors are induced by chemical carcinogens; iodine deficiency or excessive intake in minerals can induce thyroid cancer; a small amount of protein intake has anti-cancer effect, and vice versa.

35% of cancers are related to diet, get to know you quickly What are the anti-cancer foods around you? inline=

Which foods can prevent cancer and cancer?

35% of cancers are related to diet, and quickly find out what anti-cancer foods are around you

Tomato-prostate cancer, breast cancer

The lycopene contained in tomato can promote the secretion of some cytokines with anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. Activate the lysis of lymphocytes on cancer cells. It is also a powerful antioxidant that kills free radicals in the body that can cause aging. Ingesting an appropriate amount of lycopene can reduce the incidence of cancers such as prostate cancer and breast cancer, and has a preventive effect on gastric cancer and lung cancer.

Sweet Potatoes-Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer

Sweet potato contains a chemical called hydroepiandrosterone. Can be used to prevent colon cancer and breast cancer.

Cauliflower-gastric cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer

The glucosinolates contained in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli can induce human body An enzyme having a detoxifying effect is produced. Regular consumption can prevent the occurrence of gastric cancer, lung cancer and esophageal cancer.

Asparagus-Skin Cancer

Asparagus is rich in vitamins, rutin, nucleic acids and other ingredients, and it has certain skin cancer, lymphoma and bladder cancer. Efficacy.

Carrots – lung cancer, esophageal cancer, uterine cancer

Carrots contain a lot of carotene, which is a form of vitamin A. Vitamin A is an effective anti-cancer substance and has a preventive effect on esophageal cancer, lung cancer and uterine cancer. In addition, lignin in carrots has the ability to improve the body’s immunity and indirectly destroy cancer cells.

, celery, onion garlic-colon cancer

, celery vegetables are rich in fiber, which can speed up the emptying of residues and shorten food The time during which toxic substances are retained in the intestines.

Onions and garlic can prevent genetic damage that causes tumor growth. Garlic is especially beneficial for preventing colon cancer and can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 70%. Garlic is best eaten raw, chopped and placed for 10 minutes to 15 minutes after eating the best. At the same time, cabbage, wheat bran, etc. are also extremely important foods for preventing intestinal cancer.

Lentinus, Flammulina – Liver Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Intestinal Cancer

Effective bacteria rich in polysaccharides, especially mushrooms, have a wide range of cancer prevention and treatment It has the reputation of “the first dish against cancer”, which can promote the body’s immune ability, inhibit the growth of tumor cells, and help people resist lymphoma, colon cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, especially liver cancer.

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35% of cancers are related to diet, get to know you quickly What are the anti-cancer foods around you? inline=

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