30 healthy life tips to share with everyone

30 healthy life tips to share with everyone

There are 30 small coups for healthy living to share with you:

1, eating garlic is good;

2, one day, jujube, face is not old ;

3, walnuts are good, kidney and brain;

4, carrots, small ginseng, often eat good eyesight;

5, tomatoes, supplemental C, can be sunscreen, summer is indispensable;

6, men do not leave, women do not leave;

7, soup before meals, better than prescription;

8, mung bean, detoxification effect is good;

9, mushroom, the most powerful anti-radiation food;

10, kelp, can inhibit immune cell apoptosis;

30 healthy life tips to share with everyone

11, three hundred and sixty teeth, seven old and eighty teeth are not falling;

12, one hundred times a day, abdomen and qi and blood ;

13, the foot is the second heart, and the Changchun Yongquan point is healthy;

14. The head is a shrewd house, and the day is combed three times and the disease is removed;

15, the kidney of the person passes through the ear, pulling and pulling the body;

30 healthy life tips to share with everyone

16, eat in the morning: apples, grapes;

17, do not eat before meals: cherries, oranges, hawthorn, bananas, watermelons;

18, should eat after meals: pineapple, papaya, kiwi, orange, hawthorn (help digestion);

19, night snacks should eat: longan (anthony);

30 healthy life tips to share with everyone

20, drink 200 ml of yogurt daily to prevent summer diarrhea;

21, boil corn, leave beard, can prevent diabetes;

22, summer sweating, Promote metabolism;

23, milk, enhance skin tension;

24, broccoli, enhance skin’s ability to resist damage;

25, honey, keep skin rosy Gloss;

30 healthy life tips to share with everyone

26, the ears are rosy and shiny, congenital kidney essence is sufficient;

27, the ears are pale, more afraid of cold and cold;

28, the ears are red and swollen, mostly “on fire”, biliary or hot and humid;

29, auricle dry and burnt black Mostly, it is late stage of infectious disease or liver diabetes;

30, local punctate or flaky redness of the ear, mostly gastritis, gastric ulcer.

30 healthy life tips Give everyone

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