23 A Guide for Greater Health

23 A Guide for Greater Health

Ready or not, here comes!

If you happen to hear the light bulbs and advertisements advertisements, it's official … the holidays are on us. Thanksgiving, all food-based foods, are committed to putting your weight on the test.

According to Calorie Controlled Research, a natural diet dinner can cost about 3,000 calories a day. Include these programs and drinks, and you have 4,500 calories – more than twice a day. The same sources said the average laughter can fill up to 230 grams of fat – fish equivalent to three butter.

But a little plan, you can do Thanksgiving without putting too many objects. Check out 23 easy-to-use strategies to help you continue to "trim" in the turkey:

1. Do not joke about breakfast
Do not hit "somewhere somewhere" dinner. We all know what happens when we eat it all day – we are heated and it is likely that everything is overlooked. In addition, when it comes to weight loss, the old breakfast system is the most important food in the day. Study in newspapers Obesity, more aggressive people who eat more calories than eat more than a meal and lose more weight compared with the foods that eat much of the night. Make sure you choose a morning sunshine such as a green leafy green leafy or unpolished milk with fresh fruit – this will help you feel you are full when you go to the black diet on the head thanks.

2. Practice training
Be sure to get a nice sweetheart before you dine in to dinner. A study published in 2009 Journal of Physiology has shown that strong exercise can control the key hormone starch for 30 minutes after work and can increase levels of hormonal reactions to three hours after exercise. Are you satisfied? Download: A 2013 study published in the journal Neuroreport has shown that participants have made healthy diet, such as as many beans and vegetables as they are filled with sugar that has been cleaned (thinking about cookies and cakes). Researchers found that physical activity is linked to the decline in activity in the regions of brain reimbursement, which is also associated with decreased non-metabolic disorders in calories.

3. Do not take it when you are ready
Tiny taste, here is a little taste. Before you know, you all dump the value of the calorie calories. Usually you can not normally take all day, right? Do not start now. Maintain your ordinary diet with timely scheduling and restrictions on your choice of small meal choices. Waistline will thank you.

4. Bring medical assistance
Volunteer to collect oil, fresh salad or fresh fruit dish, so if they do not succeed, you have one healthy option to correct your dish! Try these things Brussels Sprouts with Apple-are easy to do and completely innocent.

5. Drink before and during your meal
A study published in 2015 by the newspaper Invasion (Silver Springs), participants who drink 500 milliliters a day for 30 minutes before eating were more than those who did not drink before you did. However, do not limit your drinks before meals. Drink all your Thanksgiving foods to feel you are feeling full and slow down your clothes.

6. Peel the tape
Pass the bread jar and save it from 100 to 200 calories, plus 100 calories of oil. With so much food you have, we suspect you will even miss out.

7. Use a small dish
A study published in 2015 Cochrane Study of the Clinical System showed that when people-even sober-minded adults are given a great pile, they often eat more food than using a plates. The same is true for the use of non-alcoholic beverages – large mirror, bigger than the box. Choose a small dinner plate and a great opportunity to stick to small pieces.

8. Separate

Time and time testing ensures that high-density foods, which provide long-term body mass to digest, will help you feel you have a longer cholesterol. Help yourself with plenty of foods such as fruits and vegetables, whole fruits and soft foods. Do not just taste butter or creamy sauce, which can be added to calories and fat.

9. Prepare your turkey selection
Many people will not only be thankful without the Turkish taste. Just make sure you choose white flesh, and do not eat the skin. With this simple change, you can save up to 7 grams of fat and more than 50 calories (approximate estimates corresponding to the size of the card). Not at all & # 39; how often, but small fractions like these can act quickly.

10. Lower your balance between bites
Based on a study published in 2014 The Nutrition and Food Academy, increase the number of bitterness during meals can increase the duration of these foods, reduce the speed of people eating, resulting in small amounts of food. Make an effort to fasten your fork and several times to put food before you pour your next bite. Money: You will certainly taste all the beautiful ones when you're short!

11. Be the # 30; Chatty Cathy & # 39;
Speak often, you will eat. You can eat slowly, better than your favorite marks bitter. See # 10.

12. Be alert
Between frets, butter and cream, the "Thanksgiving" candle can be the total fat layer. Try to eat some sweet spices and herbs, and choose a salad dressing.

13. Do not drink your calories
A 12-ounce bottle of pumpkin beer is about 200 calories. Five glasses of wine filled with alcohol are available at 271kg. Do you think that you will save this calories and avoid alcohol? It is not correct. 16 ounces of soft apple apples can cost about 230 calories. Wash the food with water (see # 5), bright water, tea or coffee instead of your hair.

14. Keep the table away
When you eat a dessert dinner, you take the kindness off the table so that you do not think that you are too tired. Bring some other home or better in some home, some of the good family events (see # 15 and # 16!).

15. Begin active activity
All holidays are about traditions, right? Begin with a new action, such as family football games or a group around the neighborhood. Research shows that walking around rather than going to bed, about 15 minutes after the meal improves digestion and control of the blood glucose, and will add more dose. In addition, the extension of the table so you can save a bit to rest elsewhere potatoes.

16. Focus on the fun
Reduce the focus of food and reduce the quality of the quality of your loved ones. Brings games or DVDs. Welcome to a few lunch voyages. Or collect the forces that hit the local cuisine to help them serve dinners for the unfortunate. Eat a diet – There is an exciting opportunity to get it!

17. Wait until 20 minutes before considering the year
Post this thumbnail: If you are still hungry for 20 minutes (usually the time it takes your stomach to send it to "my signature"), you can be back in minutes.

18. Ask the water questions before you go back
Before you beat the second round, ask if you're really hungry. Sometimes only a large spread of vision can make more food. In fact, a study was published in 2005 Nutrition and Behavioral Education Newsletter, when people eat large buckets, they have eaten 34 percent more than those offered in the same glass in small tubes. According to the new mosquito, the larger tubes have consumed almost 50 per cent of those with average buckets. If you are not exposed to so many things, ask: If we can get a decimal point, what would be? Then select the option only.

19. Add a second if you plan to make sweets
Find food restaurants before falling for a few minutes, and write a strategic picture. If the horse racing horse is on your radar, do not turn on your face a lot. If you need a cup of tea every year, do not worry about milk milk. Go to the one or two eyes that you would like to try before, and do not eat anything whatever you see.

20. Do not add clay
Although it is good that so-and-so-so-so-so-so-pies-world-famous, it does not mean you should eat. If you want to enjoy a meal you may be able to avoid it, check it out you do it. Do you feel comfortable with & no? Tell them the stresses you have, but you will take them to go. If you are lucky, it will forget, if you are lucky, and designing on a pie, give it a favorite of the rest.

21. fill with fruit juice with sweets
Remember how we told you to bring healthy dishes (see # 4)? Fruitful fruit is a great choice. Therefore, when everyone else enjoys the apple bread, you can enjoy some of the new apple dough that sprinkles with cinnamon.

22. Leave the rest
If you can find the bag, leave the bag & doggy dogs for diners & # 39; other. Although one day indulating does not destroy & # 39; will be your food, a few consecutive days. Pass the extra potatoes and remove all the contaminants tomorrow.

23. Do not miss family problems!
We can explain that at this time even you are unable to remember what you eat at Thanksgiving this year. Sweet taste will go away; remember your family forever. Take this time, when there is no work, school or a real life worry, and enjoy your time with your loved ones. Encourage the company, not food.