21 Breakfast Breaks Breakfast

21 Breakfast Breaks Breakfast

I like a good breakfast and double in the months of holiday. There are special things about sharing a new coffee with breakfast and a clean breakfast for people who may be seeing occasionally.

This love may also come from deep love of a breakfast. It often feels a little boring compared to holiday meals but as special. I like to make it easier to go to the food that's easy to make. Below you will find 21 breakfast baskets to be ready to feed the family during the holidays.

Fresh Baked Canned Fruit and Toast | Naturally Ella


One of the biggest changes in my life was my husband's life visit to my husband. All events or holidays, we would all be in one house. For the first time I was completely shocked (this is not the quality of my family) but now, it's something I like holidays.

Of course, when you leave 3 to 12 people in your home, it's time to attract the foods you are learning easily. This means granolas, pancakes, waffles, and beautiful eggs (easy) eggs.

Blueberry Chia Jam with soft and sunflower
Oat Teff Pancakes
Cooked Food at Dukkah
Waffles Spread

Enchilada Skillet with Eggs | @naturallyella


Grain-Free Granola Naturally Ella


Pumpkin Bread with Oats

Baked goods

Broccoli Melt with Dufan Eggs | Naturally Ella