15 Due to Disorders and Background After Images

15 Due to Disorders and Background After Images

43, 5 & # 39; 4 ", Marietta, Penn.

Before: 209 lb., size 20

After that: 133 lb., size 2-4

TOTAL LOST: 76 lb., 9 beautiful jewelry

The losses of Casie:

Bag it: I shared all my meals, such as almonds or apples apples, before time in handbags. This allowed me to eat the food I had while in my room and grew up in the check.

Crush a quickie workout: On several occasions, I'm making a 20-minute list, and I can get a fitness exercise. He really is sorry for my heart.

Write it: When I enjoyed exercise, I took paper, paper, and my map; having sports games prevented me from taking time or decline during my session.

Find swaps sweet: I like butter. To avoid the fat that comes with it, I combine the fat, PB2, in the Greek yogurt. It gives me this nutty, flavorless flavor.